Published: May 27, 2021

GSM Centered Water level and Temperature Observing System

711-717 A.Sathishkumar

Design and fabrication of bicycle enhancement

394-399 Mr.S.Durai, N.Surendar, C.Surya, P.Syedidrish, T.Tharanitharan

Effect of natural fiber composites against surface treatment

400-403 M.Bhuvaneshwaran, S.Barani kumar, E.Karthick, S.Karthik, S.Balaji

Improving production rate by modification of angular drill jig

404-410 K.Selvaraj, R.Karthikeyan, C.E.Sabarinath, B.Santhosh, S.Sasikumar

Battery drive motorized agriculture weeder

411-417 Anbalakan M, Sabareesh L, Sabarimani M, Sabarinathan D, Sakthivel M


418-437 R.Nagaraju, Dr. S. Venkateswara Rao

Automatic waste segregation system

438-444 Anbalakan M, Siva T, Srijith K, Srisurya R, Subramanian N

Evolution and process of electric bike

445-456 Mr.R.Bharathkumaar, K.Suganesh, N.Sugumar, R.Susivan, C.Vignesh

Designing of an radio control aircraft

457-461 S.P. Sankar, G.Pavithran, P.Poomuthu, K.Praveenraajhan

Design and fabrication of automated drain /gutter cleaner

462-470 Mr.R.Bharathkumaar, S.Syed Sameer, D.Tamilventhan, P.Thamarai Selvan, J.Vasudevan

Comparison of Machine learning approaches to predict COVID-19 infection

471-477 JananiPrabu

TRIDENT: Distributed storage, analysis, and exploration of multidimensional phenomena

478-482 K.Saranya, C.Saranya

Joint mobility management and multicast rate adaptation in software–defined enterprise WLANS

483-487 M.Selvi, K.Tamilarasi

Risk assessment in social networks based on user anomalous behaviours

488-492 M.Karthikeyan, D.Sangeetha

Traffic classification based on zero-length packets

493-497 Dr.R.Punidha, V.Ragavi, V.Ragavi

Simulation ofstorm water collecting systems in K.S.R. Educational Institutions (South Side)

498-503 K. Vijayakumar, R. Sridhar, K. Arun kumar, G. Tamilarasi

Smart drip monitoring system using node MCU

504-508 Mr. G. Prabhakaran M.E, K. Kothainandhini, M. Mounika, S. Rakesh, P. Ramya

Investigation of inventory control techniques in construction industry

509-514 Nizarutheen T M, P. Gokuldeepan

Identifying the difficulties in adopting new technologies in construction

515-519 Jithinvishnu, P.Gokuldeepan

Experimental study on grout improvement techniques using recycled aggregate porous piles on clayey soil

520-524 Athira S, S.R.Shivasubramaniam

Experimental study on use of HDPE plastic aggregate in concrete

525-532 RosemySuvitha Jose P, S Hariharan

Study on engineering properties of nylon fibre reinforced pervious concrete

533-538 FathimaJasna MK, Nalini Jebastina

Experimental analysis of crack width on RC beams

539-543 Jithin Chacko, Dr. Nalini jebastina

Experimental study of sustainablegeo polymer bricks

544-549 Shifana K, A.Sumil Kumaran

Building construction and their risks in selected areas of Kerala

550-553 Annie Abraham, Asha M.A

Study and investigation on risk analysis in construction industry using SPSS

554-558 Naseem AP, S Hariharan

Experimental analysis on concrete using recycled concrete aggregate silica fume and glass fiber

559-565 Anil Kumar.K, S. Hariharan

An experimental study on mechanical properties of fiber reinforced self-healing concrete

566-572 Shilpa S., A. Sumil Kumaran

Applying lean thinking and analyse the performance in construction industry

573-580 Radhakrishnan Nair. S .O, P.Gokuldeepan

Analysis of factors causing delay in highway construction projects in Kerala

581-587 ShinojS, P.Gokuldeepan

Study experimental analysis on glass wool concrete with ground granulated Blast furnace slag

588-592 Abdul Saleem K, Asha M.A

A study on safety management in on-going construction projects with proactive system

593-596 Akhil.A, Ms.Asha.M.A

Comparison of safety perception between local & migrated labourers in Kerala

597-603 Keerthi.S, P.Gokuldeepan

Environmental impact analysis of supply chain management of cement in construction site

604-608 Lija Joy, Nalini Jebsestina

Thermal comfort of traditional andmodern building in Palakkad based onquestionnaire survey among occupants

609-625 Renju Raj N , P.Gokuldeepan

Study on causes and effects of change orders on all aspects of construction in Tamilnadu

626-630 Vigneshkumar R, Asha M.A

The behaviour of reinforced concrete skew slab under static and blast loads an analytical study

631-635 Shias Sakeer Hussain, S. Hariharan

Experimental analysis for glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) single storeyed portal frame

636-640 Shinoj P S, Asha M.A

Studying the failures and increasing the life span in highway projects (SH 78)

641-646 Ragunath A, P.Gokuldeepan

Understanding the dynamics of setting up of infrastructural projects in Kerala

647-654 Ashmi Das K, P.Gokuldeepan

Study and investigation of price variation in construction materials across Kerala

655-664 Jithin T J, Nalini Jebestina, Sunilaa George

An experimental study on self-compacting concrete with recycled concrete aggregate

665-669 Vismaya S, Asha M.A

Sustainability attitude and performance of construction enterprises in Kerala

670-676 Manu Sankar v, S. Hariharan

ONTOSkDS: Clinical decision support system for skin diseases using ontology and hybrid FNN

677-687 Hema D, Dr.VasanthaKalyani David

Enhancing the dactylogram standard to extract the unique minutiae points

688-699 S. Aarthi Prasanna, Dr.S.Ravichandran

A validated RP-HPLC method for the simultaneous estimation of cephlexin and kanamycin in it's pure and pharmaceutical dosage form

700-710 Dr Gutta Subbarao, M.Supriya