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Industrialization, modernization, rapid advancements and increase in population have led to large generation of waste. Segregation makes it possible to reuse and recycle the waste effectively. This paper proposes implementation of an automated waste segregator at household level using Arduino microcontroller, to control the entire process with ease and simplicity. The sensing unit consists of an IR (Infrared) sensor, a moisture sensor and a metal sensor used to detect and identify various types of waste respectively. The main architecture of the segregator comprises of three prominent stages consisting of an IR sensor, a metal sensor, a moisture sensor and the segregation bins. The IR sensor detects the arrival of waste. Identification and separation of waste is done by sensors. The microcontroller controls all the activity of sensors. Results have presented segregation of waste into metal, wet and dry waste.

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Anbalakan M, Siva T, Srijith K, Srisurya R, & Subramanian N. (2021). Automatic waste segregation system. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(3), 438–444. Retrieved from