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Change orders are one of the major problems in construction projects. Change orders in construction projects are any occurrence in the project after the grant of the contractor or bow of work on sites. Such changes may happen due to the needs to satisfy the new or modified demands specified by the owner, to reduce project cost, or to correct existing design mistake. To make things bad most of the changes were made during construction stage. These will cause change orders, contractual disputes, cost overrun, time delay and frustration. In addition to that parties which are involved in the procedure of making the changes into reality will need to submit fresh claims on the extra work done. Hence, proper analysis and actions are required to measure the causes and effects of change orders. The objectives of this study is the identification and evaluation of causes and effects of change orders in construction site which includes data collection by running questionnaires among the parties contributing to these changes, which is analyzed using Relative Important Index (RII).

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