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Development ventures impacts affect the economy, society and condition. To change development industry towards manageability, development ventures' discernments and execution on maintainability should be perceived and assessed, which has not be completely investigated by existing examinations. This undertaking is to inspects the Kerala development endeavours’ demeanour towards and execution on different parts of maintainability so as to recognize those perspectives the organizations see to be the most and least significant and those viewpoints the organizations perform best and most exceedingly awful on. The associations among the sustainability attitude, sustainability performance, and firm size are to be explored. Economic feasibility of the sustainable construction is also analysed. Questionnaire method is planned to obtain the data from various stakeholders for this study. A five -point Likert scale is used to collect the necessary information. Statistical package for Social Science (SPSS) software is used to analyse the data. A building is modelled using sustainable concept with building information modelling and cost of the construction is compared with ordinary construction practice. The study is limited to building construction projects hence the data are collecting from this area in Kerala.

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Manu Sankar v, & S. Hariharan. (2021). Sustainability attitude and performance of construction enterprises in Kerala. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(3), 670–676. Retrieved from