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Motorized agriculture weeding machine not only uproots the weeds between the crops rows but also keeps the soil surface loose, ensuring better soil aeration and water intake capacity. Weed management is an ever-present challenge to crop production. Weeding by motorized Weeder reduces the cost of labour and also saves time. In human operated Weeder, muscle power is required and so it cannot be operated for long time. The traditional method of hand weeding is time consuming. In this Battery drive motorized weeder we use motorized system, which is powered by battery. India is an agricultural country. But traditional farming techniques are being replaced by modern techniques which use advanced machines in very simple manner. Weeding machine (weeder) is also one of them. The weeder is used for removing weeds in vegetable gardens, basins of orchard trees and Vineyard plantations. In this work our team make agricultural equipment which is useful for farmer, this equipment is known as Battery Drive Motorized Agriculture Weeder.

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Anbalakan M, Sabareesh L, Sabarimani M, Sabarinathan D, & Sakthivel M. (2021). Battery drive motorized agriculture weeder. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(3), 411–417. Retrieved from