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The project points to the possibility of using recycled aggregate piles for improving the bearing capacity of clayey soil. Recycled aggregates being dumped as waste material, the reuse of the aggregates will be an environmentally friendly activity if the engineering properties of the aggregates stay within the allowable limits recommended by the Indian standards. The project imbibes the study on properties of the recycled aggregates and clayey soil, and effect on bearing capacity of clayey soil on introducing a recycled aggregate pile in it. To investigate the applicability of the recycled aggregate porous concrete pile method as a ground improvement technique, a series of laboratory model plate load tests was performed on soft clayey soil reinforced with recycled aggregate porous concrete pile and stone column respectively.

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Athira S, & S.R.Shivasubramaniam. (2021). Experimental study on grout improvement techniques using recycled aggregate porous piles on clayey soil. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(3), 520–524. Retrieved from