International journal of intellectual advancements and research in engineering computations 2024-05-03T14:03:44+00:00 Dr.N.Sriram Open Journal Systems <p>IJIAREC- International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations is a leading international journal for publication of new ideas, the state of the art research results and fundamental advances in all aspects of computer science and engineering. IJIAREC is a scholarly open access, peer reviewed international journal with a primary objective to provide the academic community and industry for the submission of half of original research and applications related to Computer Science and Engineering.</p> Prescription Pattern Analysis Of Antiepileptic Drugs To Detect The Diverse Adverse Drug Reactions 2024-04-03T16:57:22+00:00 Muhammad Ashraf Vattikuth G. Nagaraja perumal <p>Epilepsy (EP) is a ceaseless issue in modern nations because of tobacco smoking, hot food varieties, way of life changes, albuminuria, ulcers, IBS, skin rashes and deferred wounds. Many of these contemporary synthetic drugs were treated through EP-associated disease conditions to expel less therapeutic efficacy, unwanted effects and unknowing unwanted effects. Our present survey found to estimate the various parameters of antiepileptic drug-consuming patients in various zones of Kerala. The literature surveyed based on a selected cohort was used. In our study, 1500 epileptic patient details were collected&nbsp; The present study aimed to determine the pattern of prescription of antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) in a cohort of patients with epilepsy (PWE) attending a tertiary care centre in the Kerala zone. The related illnesses condition results communicated that the EP-related infections pervasiveness was low (502 Numbers and 51.1%) contrasted with Non-related sicknesses (300 Numbers and 57.9 %). The discoveries of extreme EP Patients' pervasiveness were more (182 Numbers and 18.5%) when contrasted with serious EP patients (18 Numbers and 3.4 %) Polytherapy is a very common practice in our tertiary care centre. Sodium VPA, a highly prescribed AED, results in good control of generalized seizures, whereas focal seizures are well controlled by CBZ alone as well as in combination. The present study highlights the commonly prescribed combinations of AEDs resulting in the control of different types of seizures.</p> 2024-04-03T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Analytical Method Development And Validation Of Alfuzosin HCL By UV- Spectrophotometer 2024-04-03T17:17:12+00:00 A. Raja Reddy S. Harshitha T. Ramara Rao <p>A specific, precise, accurate, reproducible and robust method was developed for the estimation of Alfuzosin Hcl by UV Spectroscopy using pH 7.4 phosphate buffer as a solvent. Absorption spectrum was obtained by scanning from 200-400nm and the maximum absorbance was found at 350nm. Then the method was optimized and validated with various validation parameters as per ICH guidelines. From the linearity studies correlation coefficient was found to be 0.9995. From precision and intermediate precision studies %RSD was found to be 0.573 and 0.097 respectively. Assay was conducted by using marketed formulation of AlfuzosinHcl and the % purity was found to be 98.5%. Hence the method was suitable for the estimation of AlfuzosinHcl by UV Spectroscopy. carried out at three different levels i.e. at 80%, 100% and 120%. The method was validated statistically.</p> 2024-04-03T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 A simple, robust and specific reverse phase-hplc method development and validation for estimation of rosiglitazone and glimepiride in active pharmaceutical ingredient and its pharmaceutical dosage form 2024-05-01T06:34:03+00:00 Phaninder Reddy Pogula K. Devamani L. Harikiran <p>An accurate, precise, simple, efficient and reproducible, isocratic Reversed Phase-High Performance Liquid Chromatography (RP-HPLC) method was developed and validated for the simultaneous estimation of Rosiglitazone and Glimepiride in bulk and combined pharmaceutical tablet dosage forms. Rosiglitazone and Glimepiride were separated by using a Symmetry ODS C18 (4.6mm×150mm) 5µm Particle Size; Waters Alliance e2695 HPLC system with 2998 PDA detector and the mobile phase contained a mixture of Methanol: 0.1% Orthophosphoric acid (64:36% v/v). The flow rate was set to 1ml/min with the responses measured at 224nm. The retention time of Rosiglitazone and Glimepiride was found to be 2.808min and 3.880min respectively with resolution of 5.68. Linearity was established for Rosiglitazone and Glimepiride in the range of 20-100µg/ml for Rosiglitazone and 60-140µg/ml for Glimepiride with correlation coefficient 0.999. The percentage recovery was found to be is 100.30% for Rosiglitazone and 100.21% for Glimepiride respectively. Validation parameters such as specificity, linearity, precision, accuracy and robustness, limit of detection (LOD) and limit of quantitation (LOQ) were evaluated for the method according to the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) Q2 R1 guidelines. The developed method was successfully applied for the quantification of bulk and active pharmaceutical ingredient present and in combined tablet dosage form.</p> 2024-05-01T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Vegetable supply chain using smart contracts 2024-05-03T13:46:05+00:00 S. Arivarasan D. Nithish P. Rahul K. Senthurvel R. Venu Aravind <p>Today’s Vegetable Supply and transplantation systems pose different requirements and challenges in terms of registration, donor-recipient matching, Vegetable removal, Vegetable delivery, and transplantation with legal, clinical, ethical, and technical constraints. Therefore, an end-to-end Vegetable Supply and transplantation system is required to guarantee a fair and efficient process to enhance patient experience and trust. In this paper, we propose a private sha256 blockchain-based solution to enable Vegetable Supply and transplantation Buyerin a manner that is fully decentralized, secure, traceable, auditable, private, and trustworthy. We develop smart contracts and present six algorithms along with their implementation, testing, and validation details. We evaluate the performance of the proposed solution by performing privacy, security, and confidentiality analyses as well as comparing our solution with the existing solutions.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Analysis and implementation of artificial intelligence based EV charger in grid tied PV system using ann 2024-05-03T13:55:52+00:00 Goutham B Vaishnave M <p>Distributed-generation systems are one of the major developing field in the past decade. Renewable energy power generation and near-consumer power generation is more critical than traditional power generation systems. Power delivery systems involve small distributed power sources, such as fuel cells, wind turbines, battery devices, photovoltaic, etc. &nbsp;The electrical energy from the sun can be separated utilizing sun based photovoltaic (PV) modules. This energy can be amplified if the associated EV variations coordinate with that of the PV boardIn this Project, we apply the PV and Grid based model to managing electric vehicle (EV) Wireless charging in shared spaces, such as condominiums. The mobile application manages the user authentication mechanism to initiate the electric vehicle Wireless charging process, where a sensor is used to measure the current and based on the microcontroller The electrical vehicles have become the research focus for the environment-friendly characteristics in recent years. As the core technology of the EVs, the battery technology influences the development of the EVs. The hybrid energy storage system can increase the life span of the batteries by improving their working condition, and how to shorten the charging time is also concerned. Two technologies are analyzed in this paper, and a control method for the fast charging of the batteries is proposed. Hybrid energy storage is utilized to maintain the stability of the system.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Validated rp-hplc method for simultaneous estimation of valsartan and sacubitril in bulk and tablet dosage form. 2024-05-03T14:03:44+00:00 D. Hariprasad Ch. Sunitha L.Harikiran <p>A rapid and precise reverse phase high performance liquid chromatographic method has been developed for the validated of Valsartan and Sacubitril, in its pure form as well as in tablet dosage form. Chromatography was carried out on an Sunfire C18 (4.6×250mm) 5µ column using a mixture of Water and Acetonitrile (60:40% v/v) as the mobile phase at a flow rate of 0.9ml/min, the detection was carried out at 220nm. The retention time of the Sacubitril and Valsartan was 3.0, 3.8±0.02min respectively. The method produce linear responses in the concentration range of 5-25µg/ml of Sacubitril and 75-375µg/ml of Valsartan. The method precision for the determination of assay was below 2.0%RSD. The method is useful in the quality control of bulk and pharmaceutical formulations.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024