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All most in all hospital, an assist/nurseisresponsibleformonitoringthe electrolyte’s bottle level. But unfortunately, most of the time, the observer may forget to change the bottle at correct time due to their busy schedule. To overcome this critical situation,anIoTbasedautomaticalertingand indicatingdeviceisproposedwheresensoris used as a level sensor or weight sensor. Need forgoodpatientcareinhospitals,assessment and management of fluid and electrolyte is the most fundamental thing required. Inthis project, the level of glucose in the glucose trip bottles that are used in the hospitals is measured Microcontrollers and load cell interfaceandWi-Fisystemswhereemployed to make this system more efficient. This system gives a solution to manage time and reduces man power in drip monitoring process. The proposed method measures the capacity in glucose drips and sends these through Wi-Fi. This system sends notification to the authorized floor -in- charge or nurse through mobile application and a display will be mounted in every kit which will show the instantaneous value of glucose in eachdrip.

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Mr. G. Prabhakaran M.E, K. Kothainandhini, M. Mounika, S. Rakesh, & P. Ramya. (2021). Smart drip monitoring system using node MCU. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(3), 504–508. Retrieved from