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Risk management is about thinking ahead and preventing things from going wrong. Managing risks in construction projects have been recognized as a very important process in order to achieve project objectives. The Construction projects have several characteristics such as specific objects time limit financial constraints and economic requirements, special organizational and legal conditions, complexity and systematic characteristics, For that each investment project itself is a complex system. Especially for the construction projects, there are many risk facets and complicated relations, which will influence it. The complicated relations include direct, indirect, obvious, implicit or unpredictable, What's more, the various risk factors will cause different severity of the consequences. If you do not consider these risk factors, or ignore the major factors, they all will cause damage because of decision-making errors. Quality targets, time targets, cost targets are the three objectives of project management. Especially in the construction project, the time objective is closely and inseparably related to the cost objective. Therefore, risk management of construction period is a key part in the risk management of construction. Purposes  of the study is  risk analysis  management technique which includes well  documented procedures for the one stop solution all types of hazards most likely to occur during any construction project. Primavera.

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