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In traditional buildings, solar passive techniques are adopted to attain thermal comfort. But most of the current day contemporary buildings forget and ignore the architectural traditions. Contemporary design depends on mechanically controlled built environments so as to attain thermal comfort. This also increases the energy demand. Study of traditional buildings is administrated worldwide to arrive out sustainable solutions for the look of recent buildings. so as to match the results of the scientific analysis with the user responses from the residents of traditional furthermore as modern residential buildings, a questionnaire survey was conducted in Palakkad district during various seasons like winter, summer and monsoon. A questionnaire was prepared intimately to grasp the effect of things which affect thermal comfort like temperature humidity and air flow within the evaluation of thermal comfort. This paper is predicated on the compilation of responses from the conducted survey.

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Renju Raj N, & P.Gokuldeepan. (2021). Thermal comfort of traditional andmodern building in Palakkad based onquestionnaire survey among occupants. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(3), 609–625. Retrieved from