Published: May 18, 2021

Hierarchical multiclue modeling for popularity prediction with the heterogeneous tourist information

01-04 V.Parameswari, A.Amala Arockia Mary

On scalable and robust truth discovery in big data social media sensing applications

05-09 K. Anbumathi , G.Abinaya

A survey on healthcare prediction analysis

10-18 Kavitha R, Mohanapriya N, Prabaharan P

A survey on energy aware consolidation algorithm based on K-nearest neighbor regression for cloud data centers

19-25 Kavya.T, Radhika.D, Dr.Suresh Gnana Dhas.C

A survey on image processing

26-30 Abirami B, Sankar K

A survey on quantization of web products using partial PQ codebook

31-37 P. Nandhini, A.S. Renuga Devi, B. Ananthi

A survey on online spam reviews and techniques for identification

38-43 Abarna B, Dinesh Kumar R T

Automatic detection of breast cancer using mathematical morphological operations and machine learning technique

44-54 M. Padma Nivedha, V. Banupriya

An efficient long range sensor adapted data sharing on LPWAN

55-60 T. Santhiya, B. Ananthi, A.S. Renuga Devi

Experimental analysis of the use of coconut shell as a course aggregate in concrete

61-67 G.Tamilarasi, G.Vairamani, Dr.R.Lavanya

A survey on security enhancement of fragmentation and replication with division based cloud data storage

68-72 Sowmiya K, Dr. R. Rohini, Ms.V.Shanmuhavalli

Two-dimensional wavelet based quality assured ECG data compression system using lossless SPIHT algorithm

73-80 Subhananthi.C, C.N. Marimuthu

A novel technique for child rescue system from borewell

81-87 K Kavitha, S Nathiya, G Vijay, P Sasinthar, Dr. C N Marimuthu

Students smart platform using android web scraping

88-92 M.Balamurugan, S.Bharani, M.Naveen, L.Nandhakumar

Organization security service with smart management

93-99 Mr.T.Jayachandran, Suba Sri Radha S, Subashini M, Naveen Kumar P, Ananth K

A beeline for cost management in construction administration

100-112 Mr.K.Selvakumar, Mr.S.Elango, Mr. V. Mervin

Smart ambulance with people identification system using arduino mega

113-119 D.Santhiya, S.Sujitha, R.Suriyaranjini, K.Tamilarasu

Real time monitoring of waste water production in the dying industry

120-125 T Manoj Kumar, G Arun Kumar, D Jenifer, N Naveen Kumar , Mr.G Rathanasabhapathy., M.E.,

An efficient recommender for rating prediction using relevance feedback algorithm

126-130 G.Sudha, A.Sowmiya, K.Arunadevi, R.Sudha

To predicting patient information at emergency unit using multiple regerssion algorithm

131-135 S.Priyanga, M.Vaitheeswari, R.Rekha, V.Srikirubanandhini