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Construction cost management is plays an important role to complete a project in a successful manner. The performance of a construction project can be expressed in terms of cost and its variance from the resources available. Now-a-days it is not effectively used due to the being there of a large quantity of data with many complex interrelationships. A construction industry has done the project based on organizations and it have been developed their project management facility in order to achieve the project objectives successfully. Hence many contractors are focusing on cost effective construction. In this present study the limitations, drawbacks and shortage of each cost management process related to current practices of household contractors mainly focusing the improvement to achieving the profitability and predefined project objectives of contractors along with the proposed improvement recommendations, through vital literature review.

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Mr.K.Selvakumar, Mr.S.Elango, & Mr. V. Mervin. (2021). A beeline for cost management in construction administration. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(1), 100–112. Retrieved from