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Recently, collaborative filtering combined with various kinds of deep learning models is appealing to recommender systems, which have shown a strong positive effect in an accuracy improvement. However, many studies related to deep learning model rely heavily on abundant information to improve prediction accuracy, which has stringent data requirements in addition to raw rating data. Furthermore, most of them ignore the interaction effect between users and items when building the recommendation model. To addr ess these issues, we propose DCCR, a deep collaborative conjunctive recommender, for rating prediction tasks that are solely based on the raw ratings.

A DCCR is a hybrid architecture that consists of two different kinds of neural network models (i.e., an auto encoder and a multilayered perceptron). The main function of the auto encoder is to extract the latent features from the perspectives of users and items in parallel, while the multilayered perceptron is used to represent the interaction between users and items based on fusing the user and item latent features.

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G.Sudha, A.Sowmiya, K.Arunadevi, & R.Sudha. (2021). An efficient recommender for rating prediction using relevance feedback algorithm. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(1), 126–130. Retrieved from