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People are facing a critical situation such as child have fell in the bore well & struck in the borewell which is not covered and getting trapped. Due to scantiness off water level bore well are dig to more depth. The basis of this project is rescue the child who has fallen into the bore well. Rescue of a trapped child from the borewell is very complicated and difficult process in comparison to the other accidents. It takes several hours like 70 to 80 hours to rescue a child. The present systems are to save the child are less probability and not suitable for all kind of borewell. So we move on to new technique which is applicable for all kind of borewell. Here in this project the child who struck inside the borewell is saved within a short span of time and without an injury. This is done by the balloon technique and spring shaped robotic arm with the help of camera and gear motor.

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K Kavitha, S Nathiya, G Vijay, P Sasinthar, & Dr. C N Marimuthu. (2021). A novel technique for child rescue system from borewell. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(1), 81–87. Retrieved from