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This project mainly deals with several pollution control measures existing in industries. The water pollution is major problem with our day to day life. To avoid this pollution is a challenging role at our society. This project proposes a water pollution level at the industries which is mixed at the river side. It causes many problems in the environment. For this, the Arduino UNO is used along with moisture sensor. With the rapid development of global system mobile infrastructure and information communication technology in the past few decades has made the communication is reliable for transmitting and receiving information efficiently. ESP8266 WI -FI module is used for efficient communication purpose. The purity of water content released from the industry is checked through moisture sensor and the unwanted gas is detected by the gas sensor. The utilization of any human beings in the restricted area is also identified through IR sensor. The message about the polluted water is sent to the control board and also the owner of the dying industry. If the water from the dying industries is polluted means the solenoid valve is automatically closed. This paper helps in neglecting those factors affecting the human environment through pollution.

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T Manoj Kumar, G Arun Kumar, D Jenifer, N Naveen Kumar, & Mr.G Rathanasabhapathy., M.E.,. (2021). Real time monitoring of waste water production in the dying industry. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(1), 120–125. Retrieved from