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Data integrity maintenance is the major objective in cloud storage. It includes audition using TPA for unauthorized access. The data of the users will be stored in public and private areas of the cloud. So that, only public cloud data will be accessed by user and private cloud will remain more secure. Once any unauthorized modification is made, the original data in the private cloud will be retrieved from the cloud server a nd will be returned to the user. Every data stored in the cloud will be generated with a Hash value using the Merkle Hash Tree technique. So modification in content will make changes in the Hash value of the document as well. The proxy also performs signature delegation work by generating private and public key for every user using OEAP Algorithm so that the security will be maintained. This scenario is implemented in a multi owner environment in which one document will be accessed by user groups. In this context, the access limit should be properly maintained so that no user of other group should be allowed to modify a particular group's data. Also, if any modifications made to that data will be identified by the proxy and the user is revoked.

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Sowmiya K, Dr. R. Rohini, & Ms.V.Shanmuhavalli. (2021). A survey on security enhancement of fragmentation and replication with division based cloud data storage. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(1), 68–72. Retrieved from