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In this paper, we advise a dynamic digital gadget consolidation set of rules to minimize the number of active bodily servers on an information center if you want to reduce electricity cost. The proposed dynamic consolidation method uses the k-nearest neighbor regression set of rules to predict resource utilization in each host. Based on prediction utilization, the consolidation approach can determine (i) whilst a host tu rns into over-utilized (ii) whilst a host becomes under-utilized. Experimental effects on the actual workload strains from more than one thousand Planet Lab virtual machines show that the proposed method minimizes strength intake and continues required performance levels.

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Kavya.T, Radhika.D, & Dr.Suresh Gnana Dhas.C. (2021). A survey on energy aware consolidation algorithm based on K-nearest neighbor regression for cloud data centers. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(1), 19–25. Retrieved from