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Two-dimensional wavelet is suited for Set Partitioning In Hierarchy Tree decoder translating calculation in Electro Cardio Gram. SPIHT utilizes progressively refined coding and which misuses the properties of the wavelet changed to expand its productivity. Be that as it may, current SPIHT coding structures are proposed for data dealing with ECG Signal. Considering changed SPIHT coding work, which used Flag and check bits to diminish memory requirements and coding capriciousness by consolidating three search structures into one phase. Consequently, to achieve the on-going arrangement objective for Electro Cardio Gram applications. At first present a lossless SPIHT decoding and encoding design that is sensible for presented SPIHT coding work. In like way, a fitting low-power consuming is made to execute an on-going ECG application and insignificant exertion SPIHT VLSI plan for our proposed decoder computation, which is reasonable for versatile ECG application. From the design methods average power consumption, delay and clock period are tabulated and compared. The power is compared by clock period used in each different approach. It performs better than one dimensional wavelet-based quality assured ECG compression system.

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Subhananthi.C, & C.N. Marimuthu. (2021). Two-dimensional wavelet based quality assured ECG data compression system using lossless SPIHT algorithm. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(1), 73–80. Retrieved from