Published: Mar 15, 2022

Resource pool android application for students

633-638 S.Rohini, G.Sowmiya, D. Arun Paranthaman, C.Kotteswari

A review on performance evaluation of anisotropic diffusion filter for denoising the speckle noise in retinal images

639-644 C.R.Dhivyaa, B.Gopinath

Detection and recognition of the text in image using cloud computing clustering

645-651 S. Lalitha, N. Shanthi , R. Umamaheswari

Optimized selection decision maker using Fuzzy-ahp

652-657 P.Prema, L.M.Palanivelu

Optimized virtual machine placement algorithm for both energyawareness and SLA violation reduction in cloud data centers

658-663 S.Poovizhi, N.Jayanthi

An efficient document clustering by using adaptive k-means clustering algorithm

664-669 R. Umamaheswari, N. Shanthi, S.Lalitha

With an efficient time series datasets classification fast accuracy model for dynamic data sets using classical-k-nn algorithm

670-675 D. Thiyagarajan, N.G.Vaishnave, K.Yavanya, S.Kalaiyarasi

Cloud data redundancy check mechanism for secure integrated public clouds

676-681 T. Dhanur Bavidhira, C. Selvi

Group key agreement with local connectivity in multicloud environment

682-687 D.Indhumathi, V.K.Manavalasundaram

Mobile mechanic using augmented reality detection

688-693 N.Jayanthi, S.Keerthana, P.Gowdham, P.Geetha Devi

Detection of fraud ranking in mobile applications

694-697 Bharranni.J , Muthuparuvatham.S, Vinothini.L , A.P.Gopu

Farmers guide

698-703 R.Karthik, S.Lalithkumar, C.Madhankumar, K.Navaneethakrishnan , R.Sathish

Implementation of laboratory management System (LMS) using .net

704-709 Pavithra.G, Sri Devi.D, Sowndarya.T, Nivedha.R, Aravindhan.K

A novel determiistic approach for aspect-based opinion mining

710-715 R.Vijay sai, S.Saranya, P.Sheeba Gracy, R.Sindhuja

Diabetes detection using segmentation of super pixel in slo images

716-721 P.Pavithra, N.Shanthi

Efficient sequential pattern mining algorithm and improved MFWC scheme for discovering complex disease and type-2 diabetes mellitus

722-727 S.Ranjithkumar, P.Haritha, S.jayaselvamathi, J.Kiruthika , S.Logeshwari

Exploring rating of product using collaborative filtering approach

728-733 Kavya.v, Arumugam.S

Automatic generation of presentation slides for academic papers

734-739 N.Yogapreethi, S.Maheswari

Multi-objective scheduling workflow applications in cloud computing

740-746 A.Sujitha, N.Shanthi

An efficient technique for prevention of denial of service attack

747-753 E.P.Prakash, S.Anu Tharni, A.Archana Devi, R.Indhupriyaa, J.Kiruthiga Muthulakshmi

An improved interior-exterior informative similarity measure for web document clustering

754-759 Reka, M, N. Shanthi

Ubiquitous smart home system using Iot application

760-765 S.Divya, S.Prabhadevi

Identifying alcohol and other drug usage among adolescents in India and suggesting a mechanism for rehabilitation using social media contents

766-771 .C.S.Kanimozhiselvi, S.P.Shangeetha, K.Shanmugapriya, G.Sivaram

Energy efficient scheduling and reduction of failure virtual machines with deadline constraints

772-776 V.Sivaranjani, S.Varshini, P.Vignesh, S.Subhasri

An enhanced hybrid DBN/HMM for Tamil language speech recognition system

777-782 Sundarapandiyan S, Shanthi N

Secure Data Aggregation Scrutiny (SDAS) through Orthogonal Set Verification (OSV) Method for Wireless Sensor Network

783-786 N.S.Kavitha, B.Gopinath

Enrichment of security using feature Set and order sequence graphical authentication

787-792 G.Guna Arasu, K.Gopalakrishnan

Cloud-based cyber–physical localization Framework for healthcare monitoring system

793-796 G.Suganya, S.Vinitha, S.Arumugam, S.Prabhadevi, S.Prabhu

An Intelligent Livestock Habitant Monitoring System with MultiObjective Inference using IoT

797-802 S. Surya, S. Sivakumari

Recurrent neural network based language model for large vocabulary continuous Tamil language speech recognition system

803-808 Sundarapandiyan S, Shanthi N

Augmented reality based iot concept for smart environment

809-812 B.Srimathi, E.Janani, N.Shanthi, P. Thirumoorthy

Enhanced aggregate estimation using left deep tree

813-817 P. Manimaran, S.Vinitha, V. Sruthi, M. Selva kumar

Enhanced Real-Time Charging Station Recommendation System for Load Base Electric-Vehicle Taxis

818-822 P.Pavithra, B.Yeshwanth, M.Parvathi, E.Padma

Virtual world

823-828 E.Mohanraj, S.Vanmathi, G.Santhosh, M.Srivignesh

Privacy preserving association rule mining in vertically partitioned data

829-834 T.Nandhini, D. Vanathi, P.Sengottuvelan

Privacy and Security Ensured Rule Mining under Partitioned Databases

835-841 K.Dhivyalakshmi, V.Kaviya , N.Kaviyarasu, L.Viji

Attack Resistant Query Processing Framework for MANET

842-847 D. Janaranjani, Kasthuri, S. Malar , E. Kavin Kumar, R. Maheswari

Privacy Protection for Wireless Medical Sensor Data

848-852 D.Thiyagarajan, M.Logambika, S.Nandhini, K.Manikandan

Determining frequent data in social streams using link-anomaly detection

853-856 K.Chandraprabha, S.Santhosh Kumar, M.Srinivasan, V.Vanitha