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Transforming and reorienting the development in agriculture based on the new realities of the environmental changes are applied by using the smart technologies. In order to achieve the best outcome in the pastoral agriculture, Management of farming is executed by including the observing the climatic situations, measuring and identifying the environmental changes and applying the modifications based on the observed knowledge. The previous systems possess the validation of environmental changes to identify the cultivation of land to raising the livestock. But the system failed to achieve the acceptable improvement in terms of reliability and accuracy. This paper proposes the IoT model based automated cattle shed monitoring system using the fuzzy logic, which increases the reliability of the system. The performance evaluation is conducted by validating the recognition parameters such as precision/iteration. The results outcome the proposed iterative system achieves the significant improvement compared to the noniterative scheme.

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S. Surya, & S. Sivakumari. (2017). An Intelligent Livestock Habitant Monitoring System with MultiObjective Inference using IoT. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(1), 797–802. Retrieved from