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In today’s world Automatic systems are
being preferred over manual system. It is still hard to find a comprehensive solution. Therefore in this paper, an intelligent energy method, named the Home Automation Control (HAC) is proposed ,which is developed based on Microcontroller and Internet of Things (IoT). This project demonstrates the programming of the ESP8266- 01 with the Arduino IDE and interfacing with a LM35 temperature sensor. HAC using IoT is a system that uses computers or mobile devices to control basic home functions and features automatically through internet from anywhere around the world, an automated home is sometimes called a smart home. It is meant to save the electric power and human energy. The home automation system differs from other system by allowing the user to operate the system from anywhere around the world through internet connection . The integration of cloud networking, wireless communication, to provide the user with remote control of various lights, fans, and appliances within their home and storing the data in the cloud. The system will automatically change on the basis of sensors’ data. This system is designed to be low cost and expandable allowing a variety of devices to be controlled.

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