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User authentication is one of the most important procedures required to access secure and confidential data. Authentication of users is usually achieved through text-based passwords. Attackers through social engineering techniques easily obtain the text based password of a user. Apart from being vulnerable to social engineering attacks, text based passwords are either weak-andmemorable or secure-but-difficult-toremember. Researchers of modern days have thus gone for alternative methods wherein graphical pictures are used as passwords. Image based authentication allows user to create graphical password which has advantages over text-based passwords. Graphical passwords have been designed to make passwords more memorable and easier for people to use. In this project, an Image Based Authentication system with order evaluation approach that allows users choice password and simultaneously influences users to select stronger passwords is proposed. To add a layer of security, user is asked to input own digital picture and select sequence tokens from the picture used during registration phase. The user has to reproduce the same tokens by input the same image during his login phase. Also to enhance the security, verification is done by two phases 1) Token verification and 2) Token order evaluation in the server system. This proposed system offers reasonable security and usability and appears to fit well with some practical applications for improving online security.

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G.Guna Arasu, & K.Gopalakrishnan. (2017). Enrichment of security using feature Set and order sequence graphical authentication . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(1), 787–792. Retrieved from