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Abstract Information (or data) hiding process embeds data into digital media for the purpose of security. Steganography is one such technique in which presence of secret message cannot be detected and we can use it as a tool for security purpose to transmit the confidential information in a secure way. The goal is to hide the message in such a way that no one apart from intended recipient even knows that the message has been sent. By combining steganography and encryption properties, it becomes harder for even the stego-analyst to regain the original text from the image. Use a pixel selection filter to obtain the best areas to hide information in the cover image to obtain a better rate. After that Message is hidden using Bit Replacement method. We also propose Pixel Value Differencing for implementing steganography. In spatial or frequency domain several Steganographic algorithms have been proposed for embedding data in digital images as cover media. Our proposed steganography with PVD provides better security through text.

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V.Aishvarya, N.Sangeetha, M.Rohini, R.Vanmathi, & S.Sambasivam. (2019). Steganography encryption standard for android application . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(1), 914–919. Retrieved from