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In this project are advances of cloud computing and wireless communication technologies, Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) has been focused on as a new paradigm to improve the processing and storage capability of mobile devices mobile application is composed of a number of modules that are eligible for offloading to be executed at a remote server on the Internet and executed at a mobile device. Compared to traditional Internet-centric Cloud service models, the complexity of mobile service management in a dynamic and distributed service environment is increased dramatically. To address this challenge, we propose to establish an R-OSGi-based mobile Cloud service model MCC-R-OSGi that uses ROSGi Bundles as the basic mobile Cloud service building components We focused on the problem of how to transfer some modules of a mobile application to the server so as to minimize the total execution time of the whole mobile application.. Then, we formulated the offloading problem as a combinatorial optimization problem and proposed two algorithms to solve the offloading problem for a simplechain application and also for a general application. The proposed algorithms were implemented and examined on the R-OSGi-based framework and the results show that the proposed algorithms are much more efficient than both the cases where no offloading is considered and where all the modules are offloaded to the server.

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S.Sambasivam, & Manjula. (2017). Application offloading based On r-osgi in mobile cloud computing . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1436–1443. Retrieved from