Published: Jan 29, 2022

A study on the impact of Mobile phone usage on entrepreneurs with reference to Tirupur

842-845 N.Devaraj, G.Aarthi, B.Bharath Kumar

A study on social media and its impact on consumer behavior

846-849 Dr.B.Girimurugan , S.Kavin, K.Vinothkumar

A study on factors leading to parents opting for private schools for their children special reference to Tiruppur

850-853 Mr.N.Thamilchelvam , G.Gokulraj, C.Akalya

A study on women’s preference towards two wheelers with special reference towards Tiruppur district

854-856 Dr. B. Girimurugan , S.Aswinkumar, B.Ravikumar

A study on factors influencing the consumers in selection of cab services

857-860 D. Shanthi , A. Venkatasalam , P. Muthudinesh

A study on Impact of Mobile phone Addiction on Adolescent’s Life in Erode District

861-864 Dr.V.Manimegalai , B.PANNEERSELVAM

A study on raise in incidence of cancer in Erode district

865-868 N.Thamilchelvam , C. Varshini , C. Manoj Kumar

A study on job satisfaction of teachers working in the private school with reference to erode district

869-872 K . Nathiya , N. Lavanya , P.Sandhiya

A study on advertisement effectiveness of Airtel mobile service with special reference to erode district

873-876 D. Shanthi , S. Arulprakash , V. RAJESH Kumar

A study on consumer preference and satisfaction towards Ayurvedic products with reference to erode

877-882 Mrs. Dr.V. Manimegalai , E.P.Aasamsha , P. Sathish

A study on newspaper reading habit with special reference to erode


A study on parents attitude towards schooling and education of children’s in erode district

887-892 S.Sudha , A.Sheik Amjath Basha, K.Dharani

A study on factors influencing male on choosing beautification products with special reference in erode

893-897 MR.J, Tamil Arasu , T.NARMATHA , M. VIJAY KUMAR

Consumer perception on organic food products in Gobi Thaluk

898-902 S.Sudha , B.Sabaniya , G.Kumaresan

A study on problems faced by farmers with special reference to Erode district

903-907 Mr.K.Sivasubramani , Ms.K.Jeevapriya , Ms.V.Nandhini

A study on preference to wards online shopping among college students with reference to erode region

908-913 Mr.K.Sivasubramani , Ms.Shobiya.V.P , Ms.Kanimozhi.N

A study on foreign direct investment in India

914-917 Dr.T.Vijayalakshmi, S.Sivaganesh, B.Ashok Kumar

A study of non-performing assets and its impact on banking sector

918-922 Dr.N.S.Santhi , T.Padmasrimathi , G.Preethi

Role of financing policies and financial institutions for micro, small and medium entrepreneurs

923-926 Dr. T. Vijayalakshmi, P.Sivakavya, K.Ragini

A study on consumer satisfaction of reliance fresh in Tamilnadu (with special reference to Salem district)

927-935 Dr. N.S.Shanthi, S.Dhanushraj, N.Karthikeyan

A research paper on study of human resource management system

936-939 Dr.K.Jothilingam , M.Mahendran , R.Saravanan

An emprical study on fast foods and their impact on health with reference to Erode


Economic empowerment of women through self help groups: an empirical study from tiruvallur district

944-947 Dr.V.Rajeswari, Dr.S.Porkodi, Ms.P.Shalini

A study on customer relationship management in restaurants with special reference to Tirupur district

948-951 MR.J.Tamilarasu , G.Ranjithkumar , A.Arunprasad

A study on work life balance of working women with special reference to Erode

952-956 Dr.B.Girimurugan , S.Sasikala, S.Naveenkumar

A comparitive study on consumer preference towards nestle and cadbury chocolates with special reference to erode district

957-960 D.Shanthi , S.Santhosh , B.Govindhasamy

A study on impact of celebrity endorsed advertisement on FMCG product at Tirupur district


A study on perception of police officials towards public in erode.


An Empirical Study on “Reasons for Tamilnadu People Facing Difficulties in Central Government Exams” With Special Reference to Erode


A study on problems faced by tribal peoples for their higher educations with special reference to Munnar

974-977 Vasanth S , Dhaneesh C , Marisamy K

An empirical study on challenges and issues faced by the farmers in erode district

978-980 D.Arul Murugavel, M.Kavin, B.Mynthan

An empirical study on impact of puberty among children in young age with special reference to Tiruppur

981-985 Anitha.D , Vani.T.V , Sowmiya.M

A study on attitude and behaviour of the respondents towards public examination with reference to erode

986-989 Arunkaumar.S , BALA.V , BALAJI.K

A study on factors causing relationship break-up and divorce with reference to erode

990-993 B.Nivedha, M.Sowmiya, S.Udhaya Kumar

An empirical study on opinion of single parent culture with reference to Erode

994-999 Giriram.P , PREETHI.V , SARANYA.S

An empirical study on opinion of parents towards girls education

1000-1004 S.Anbazhakan, S.KIRUTHIKA, M.MADHUMATHI

An emprical study on reasons for infertility with reference to erode

1005-1007 Dharanya.R , NANDHINI.S

An emprical study on risk- factors of post- caesarean section on mothers and infants with special referance to erode

1008-1011 K.Sivasankari, T.MALATHI, C.R.SARAVANAKUMAR

A study on causes behind accident with reference to erode

1012-1015 P.Sathish , T.ARUNACHALAM , C.RAMESH

A study on problems faced by new entrepreneurs with reference to erode

1016-1018 A. Gulab John , N.V. Dharani

Analysing the causes for meterialism among younger generation than cultural and human values with special reference to erode and Gobi

1019-1022 Ajithkumar.T , Karthika.K , Luvershni.S.R

An empirical study on reason for unhappiness in human life with refrence to Erode

1023-1026 A.G. Mugunthakumar , K. Nandhini , S. Nandhini

A study on psychogical attitude of college students during class hours

1027-1029 Surya R , Saravanan S , Yogeshwaran V

An assessment of corporate finance strategies and practices by the business organizations in Ethiopia

1030-1043 Dr.Uvaneswaran.S.M, Mr.Naod Mekonnnen

A review on experiential learning

1044-1050 Dr. A. Sasirekha, S. Jayaraj

Experimental investigation on high strength concrete by using GGBS and polycarboxylate ether

1073-1078 J.Navin, S.Santhiya, V.Susi, B.Yeswanth kumar, Mr.S.Gnana venkates

Experimental Investigation on Foundry Sand Paver Block with addition of Polyethylene Terephthalate Fibre

1079-1084 M.Suriya, V.Sabarinathan, S.Rajeshkumar, M.Sivakumar, M.Yeswanth

Comparison between strength of concrete by using M sand and copper slag

1085-1090 T.Jagadeesh, P.Praveen kumar, S.Mariappan, E.Srithar, Mr.S.Gnana venkatesh

Experimental investigation on replacement of sand by quarry dust in fly ash bricks

1091-1095 Hari R, Karthick V, Kathiravan S, Lingeshwaran C

Evaluation of ground water quality and its suitability for drinking and agriculture purposes in erode taluk, tamilnadu, india

1096-1102 M. Prabahar, S. Saravanaganesh, S. Dineshkumar, T. Vijayashankar

Experimental investigation on glass fibre concrete with partial replacement of cement by fly ash

1103-1107 Kavin.G, Kaviraj.T.R, Mogesh.S, Mugesh.V, Yeswanth.M

Experimental investigation on partial replacement of coarse aggregate by ceramic waste in concrete

1108-1111 Ashraf Ali.M, Jagadeesh.P, Jeevanantham.S, Ramesh.S, Tharanya.S

Experimental study on strength property of concrete by partial replacement of fine aggregate with dolomite powder

1112-1115 R. Dharsana, D. Logeshwari, M. Monisha, C. Manoj Kumar

An experimental investigation on brick by partial replacement of red soil with copper slag and sculpture waste

1116-1120 Amit Kumar Suma, Boopathi. A, Sathyaseelan., Somasundharam.S, P.Karthika

Optimal design of R.C beams using neural network

1121-1128 Mrs.Karthiga.N , Mohanraj A

An experimental study on concrete with partial replacement of fine aggregate by vermiculite and silica fume as a mineral admixture

1129-1132 L.Arun, K.Kowsalya, S.Madhumathi, K.Preethi, R.Pradheepa

Replacement of cement using eggshell and fully replacement by red sand

1133-1136 T.Prasanth , B.Sasidharan , M.R.Udhayakumar , V.Yuvasakthi, A.Abdul Hameed, A.Abdul Hameed

Treatment of textile waste water by natural coagulant

1137-1139 A.Sangeetha, E.Tamilarasan, T.Tamilmani, M.Yuvasri, Mr.P.Shankar

A Study of Value Engineering Practices in Wall Construction of a Residential Building

1140-1146 Sathiyapriya Venkidusamy, Dr.P.S.Kothai, S.Khaviya

Comparative analysis of grey water using vermifilter & nonvermifilter

1147-1150 Karmughil S, Karthika P

A comparision study on sandcrete blocks WTH partial replacement of fine aggregate using agro-waste

1151-1153 I.Abarna, T.N.Gayathri, V.Iswarya, K.Keerthini, Mr.G.Amirthagadeshwaran

Comparitive study of pre engineered and conventional industrial buildings

1154-1160 C.Mohanraj, V.Preetha

Assesment of water quality in and around Perundurai town erode district

1161-1164 Ajith.P, Gokul Giri.S, Jijendran.P.S, Karthika.P

GIS technique for surface water contamination

1165-1169 Sanjitha R, Arun M

Sustainable organic biomass by using dying biological sludge and coir pith C

1170-1172 C.Kamaleshan, A.Suriyaganesh, M.E.Ranjith, K.Selvi

A descriptive study on workers safety in construction industry

1173-1180 Kavitha.S , Manoj.S

Experimental investigation of rice husk ash brick using M-Sand and F2R cement with perma plast AC

1181-1185 Mathiyalagan.S, Mohanram.T, Naveenkumar.K, Sathyaprabhu.M, Gowtham.S.K

A descriptive study on factors influencing ergonomics in construction labour productivity

1186-1190 P.Jagadeesh, P.Dinesh Kumar

Experimental study on partial replacement of cement by hyposludge in concrete

1191-1195 M.Vetrivel, M.Ravindaran, P.Naveen Kumar, R.Raguram, K.C.Denesh

Implementing stress management techniques among middle level managers in construction industries

1196-1201 R.Praveen, N.Nandhini

Experimental investigation of pervious concrete

1202-1205 Divya.A, Gowthamraja.K.S, Hemalathaa.S, Jaiyanth.R.B, Pradheepa.R

Effective utilization of microorganisms in decomposal of soild waste

1206-1211 Ajithkumar.T, Arunprakash.S, Gopalakrishnan.T, Gowthamraja.K.S, R.Pradheepa

Cellular light weight concrete

1212-1214 Hariharan.D, Jayanth.G, Karthickvelmurugan.K, Prasanth.K, Tharanya.S

Preparation of contouring, hill shade and slope map of erode district by using QGIS

1215-1223 M.Rathipraba, K.Puhalzhenthi, K.Preethi, Mr.V.Sampath Kumar, Mr.S.Manoj

Experimental investigation on replacement of cement by waste paper sludge ash in concrete

1224-1228 P.Jaisurya, S.Yuvaraj, Mrs.S.Sarankokila

A study on factors involved in equipment quality and management in ready mix concrete

1229-1233 R. Karthik Prabhu, K. Sampath Kumar, P. Kulanthaivel

Mechanical and durability properties of concrete by partial replacement of fine aggregate by RFA and cement by silica fume

1234-1241 K.Ragavi, D.Sudhakar, E.Jesuraj, V.Bhuvaneshwari, K.U.Mani Kandhan

Performance of concrete by partial replacement of cement by silica fume and fine aggregate by ground Granulated blast furnace slag

1242-1248 P.Vinothini, V.Nithya Prabhu, R.Deepak, B.Parasuraman, K.U.Mani Kandhan

Mechanical properties of concrete incorporating waste ceramic tiles and waste foundry sand

1249-1253 A.Shalini, R.Vignesh, M.Hariharan, M.Jawahar

An experimental investigation on splicing of reinforcement in reinforced concrete beam by bar coupler

1254-1258 G.Raju, K. Selvi

Experimental investigation of partial replacement of nylon fiber in solid block

1259-1263 M.Karthick, R.Mytheeswaran, S.Sethupathy, P.Balasubramaniyan, K.C.Denesh

Influence of concrete behavior by partial replacement of cement with iron dust and addition of steel fiber

1264-1267 Naveenkumar D, Vignesh M, Vijayakumar C, Vinithkumar S, Selvi K

Partial replacement of fine aggregate by granite powder in concrete

1268-1271 Divya.A, Gowthami.A, Dinesh.M, Gowtham.P, RANJANI.R

Planning, scheduling and tracking of service apartment building using MS project

1272-1276 Nagarajan J, Premkumaran A, Rajavignesh R, Ravisankar K L

An experimental investigation on wet mix macadam road

1277-1280 Nirmal Raj V, Prabhu N, Poomughelan N, Ravisankar K L

Experimental study on partial replacement of course aggregate by steel slag in cement concrete

1281-1286 Nadish, Nirmal, Sathyamoorthy, Vinithkumar, Sarankokila

Experimental investigation on fibre reinforced self compacting concrete using foundry sand

1287-1292 Gokul.S, Jeeva.P, Jeeva Nantham.R, Piraveen Kumar.T , S.K.Gowtham

Experimental investigation on self compacting concrete

1293-1296 M.Durai Murugan, S.Erfan, T. Gopi Sankar, G.Gopinathan, K.C.Denesh

Comparison of conventional building and mivan formwork building based on scheduling

1297-1299 M.Sandeep, S.Suriya Prakash, M.Vetrivel , R.Ranjani

Land information system using geospatial technology (Essential work flow QZGIS)

1300-1304 T.Revand, V.Nandhini, V.Santha Rubini, V.Sampath Kumar, N.Jothi Lakshmi

A comparitive analysis of exterior insulation and finishing system according to indian climatic condition

1305-1310 Ashim Jerin S R, Mathan Rasu C, Muhammed Nisham K P, Ganesh Kumar M, Ranjani R

An experimental investigation on concrete with partial replacement of cement by Groudnshell ASH (GSA) and sea shell powder

1311-1314 S. Shanmuga Vadivel, N.Venkadesh, R.Vishnuvarthan, T.Gowri Prasadh

A study on silica fume impregnated hybrid fibre reinforced concrete

1315-1319 C.Naveen Kumar, P.Eswaramoorthi, D.Senthilkumar

An experimental investigation on autoclave aerated concrete

1320-1324 D.Manikandan, S.Gopalakrishnan, K.Cheran

A study on fire safety systems in commercial buildings

1325-1329 M.Kalaiarasi, S.Satheesh Kumar, K.Cheran

A study on abrasion resistance in geopolymer concrete pavement

1330-1333 S.K.Salini , K.Thirumalai raja, S.Satheesh kumar

A study on cost and time comparison of conventional structure with prefabricated structure

1334-1340 S. Kathireswaran, J. Kathirvel, E. Sasikumar, M. Senthil Kumar, P. Shankar

Investigation on land accession for metro rail transit system implementation in Coimbatore city

1341-1347 Arvind.K.R, Dr.S.Anandakumar

Analysis on factors influencing customer satisfaction in residential building construction

1348-1351 S.Khaviya, S.Manoj , V.Saathiyapriya

Partial replacement of fine aggregate by glass powder in concrete

1352-1355 Narendran.P, Pavendhan .P, Thamilarsan.M, Vimalkanth .S, Abdul Hammed.A

A soft switching ZVS sepic inverter topology

1356-1362 B.ShanjeevSurya, S.Thirumurugan, K.Anbuselvi, R.Janani, V.Dhinesh

IOT based on water pumping system for agriculture using pic microcontroller

1363-1368 G.Praveen Santhoshkumar, S.A.Saran, G.Magudeshwaran, E.Vignesh, P.Sabareeswaran

Three elements control of boiler drum using IOT

1369-1376 Karthikprabu.B, Ayswarya.M, Chitra.R, Sailendran.S.P

Instinctive foam cutting machine using PLC

1377-1381 Sasikumar.S, Gowtham.R, Parvathikrishnan.J, Haribalaji.s

Automation of coal bunker using arduino controller

1382-1387 Sapthika Parthi.P, Hemavigasini.T.R, Sarulatha.R

Summarize and Discover Hidden Patterns for Decision Making using Big Data Analytics

1388-1392 N. Zahira Jahan, Mr. K. Kavin Kumar

Website Security using Coates Algorithm

1393-1396 N. ZahiraJahan, K. Lavanya

Multiple Integrity Verification and Auditing Protocol Model for Cloud Computing

1397-1399 N. Zahira Jahan, S. Piravin

Preserving Privacy for User Shared Images with Discovering Friends in Social Networks

1400-1404 N. ZahiraJahan, .G.Pragadeeswaran

Exploratory Product Image Search with Cross Re-Ranking Model

1405-1410 N.Zahira Jahan, S. Naveen

Machine Learning Credentials Inventiveness

1411-1477 C. Navamani, A.Pandiyaraja, P.Parthipan, A.Angappan, B.Kavitha

Detect Malware and Search Rank Fraud in Google Play

1418-1422 S.Sambasivam, M.Viveka

Aggregate Hidden Cloud Web Database Model Using Checkbox Interface

1423-1427 S.Sambasivam, J.Kaviya

Scale-Free Wireless Sensor Networks for Robustness Strategy

1428-1433 S.Jagadeesan, N. Johncy

Accessing the Location Based Details

1434-1439 S. Jagadeesan, K. Nandhini

Workload Based Resource Provisioning and Scheduling

1440-1444 C. Mani, S. Duraishankar

Enhanced Deployment Algorithms for Heterogeneous Directional Mobile Sensors in a Bounded Monitoring Area

1451-1456 C.Navamani , D.PaulDhinakaran

A Fair Routing Method for Cooperative Forwarding in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

1457-1461 C.Navamani, C.Bharath

Novel Sybil Attack Detection in VANETusing CP-ABE Delegation

1462-1466 C.Mani, P.Aarthi

Traffic Prevention Model for Sensor Network

1467-1471 C.Navamani , K.Aravinthraj

Trust-But-Verify: Verifying Result Correctness of Outsourced Frequent Item set Mining

1472-1477 K.E.Eswari, G.Vignesh

Data Mining Techniques for Analyzing Crime

1478-1482 N. ZahiraJahan, K. Lavanya

Enable Central Keyword Base Semantic Search using UserLevel Encryption Extension Model

1483-1486 N. ZahiraJahan, M.Loganathan

Exploring Application Level Semantic for Data Compression

1487-1491 C.Navamani , M.Jayavel

Effective Pre-Secure Communication Data Sharing Model for MANET using GECC Algorithm

1492-1496 R. NavinKumar, R.Sudhakar

A Two-Stage Crawler for Efficiently Harvesting Deep-Web Interfaces

1497-1502 N. ZahiraJahan, M. Kalaipriya

Monitoring and Prevention of Stealthy Denial of Service Strategy

1503-1506 C. Mani, T. Ajith Kumar

Automatic Memory Control of Multiple VM using Real Time Task Oriented Task Scheduling Algorithm

1507-1510 C. Mani , N. Gnanavel

TPA Authentication Based Security and Verifying Setting in Multicloud Environment

1511-1515 S. Sambasivam, J.Meighanam

Enhanced LDDOS Aware Multipath Scheme using EE-SR Routing Protocol Model

1516-1520 C. Mani , P.Arun

Providing Data Security & Integrity in Cloud using CCAF

1521-1524 C.Mani, G.Gowri Shankar

Enhanced Multimedia Data Sharing for Privacy Preservation in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network using Authentication Group Key

1525-1531 C. Navamani, P. Boopathi

Design and Implementation of a Secure Healthcare Social Cloud System

1532-1539 S.Sambasivam, M.Selvam

Sybil Attack Detection with Reduced Bandwidth Overhead in Urban Vehicular Networks

1540-1547 C.Navamani , A.Dhanasekar

Event-Aware Backpressure Scheduling Scheme for Emergency Internet of Things

1548-1552 C. Navamani, R.Jayakumar

Home Automation System using IoT

1553-1559 R. Navin Kumar, Arjun Singh Athokpam, Abareesh Raj, D. Jayasurya, S. Dhivakar

Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

1560-1565 K E.Eswari, M.Mugilan, A.Praveena, G.Gowthini, S.Nivedhika

Big Data Approach for Organization and Forecast of Student Consequence using MapReduce

1566-1570 K.E.Eswari, R.Sharmila

Crop Yield Prediction in Tamil Nadu using Baysian Network

1571-1576 K. E. Eswari, L.Vinitha

Trustee-Base Social Authentication Process using Alert System

1577-1580 R. NavinKumar, C. Seenivasan

Enhanced Diffie-Hellman Algorithm and its Applications

1581-1589 R. NavinKumar, R. Saravanan

Measuring and Increasing the Security in LargeScale Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

1590-1596 R. NavinKumar, P. Vimal Raj

Securing SAP Invoices using Document Signer Certificates

1597-1601 K.E. Eswari, S. Priyadharshini

Securing Digital Documents using X.509 Certificates on Cloud Infrastructure

1602-1607 S.Sambasivam, M. Ponni

Performance and Cost Evaluation of an Distribution Adaptive Multilevel Encryption Architecture for Cloud

1608-1613 C. Mani , P.Anbalagan

Privacy Protected Personalized Web Search using Cache Model

1614-1618 K.E.Eswari, S. VishwaPriya

Securing Digitally Signed Documents on Cloud Infrastructure

1619-1625 C. Mani, P. DhineshRaaj

Smart Healthcare using IoT

1626-1631 N. ZahiraJahan, A.G. JananisriKamatchi, R. Pavithralakshmi, S. M. Mehala, S. Shanmugapriya

Parallel and Multiple E-Data Distributed Process with Progressive Duplicate Detection Model

1632-1635 K. E. Eswari, S.PraveenKumar

An Efficient DDOS TCP Flood Attack Detection and Prevention System in a Cloud Environment

1636-1640 S. Sambasivam, P. Nandhagopal

Enhanced Ring Routing Protocol Model for Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol for WSN with Cluster Head and Mobile Sink Node

1641-1646 R. NavinKumar, S. Sasidharan

Scalable Learning for Identifying and Ranking Prevalent News Topics using Social Media Factors

1647-1651 K.E.Eswari, G. Sethupathi

Secure Deduplication with Efficient and Reliable Convergent Key Management

1652-1656 R. NavinKumar, N. Sridharan

A novel approach for animal recognition by using various recognition methods based on enhanced hybrid classifier technique

1057-1063 Y.Keerthana, S. Purushothaman, S. Periyathambi, P. Vanchi

A Survey on Network Lifetime Enhancement in Wireless Body Area Network

1668-1675 E.Janani, S. Karuppusamy

A Survey on Energy Efficient Routing Protocols in WSN

1676-1680 B.Srimathi, P.Thirumoorthy

A Survey on Enhanced Data Deduplication in Cloud Environment

1681-1685 S.Vinitha, S.Prabhadevi, S.Prabhu

A Survey: Content mining in information mining Technologies

1686-1689 P.Pavithra, M.Parvathi

A Survey: Web Mining in Information Technologies

1690-1694 B.Yeshwanth, E.Padma

Vision based eye blink monitoring system for human computer interaction

1695-1700 M.Deepika , P.Harish Kumar , M.Ramya, E.Padma

Improving the Performance of Adaptive Secured Backup Ad-hoc Routing protocol by Artificial Neural Networks in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks

1707-1706 Vignesh.M, Deepak Kumar.T, Sakthivel.K, Mahalingam.R, Satheesh Kumar.S

Skill Based Workflow Scheduling for Efficient Utilization of Resources

1707-1709 K.S. Sathya, P.Esakkiappan, S.Renugadevi, V.Samruthaa

Analysis of Student Learning Experience by Mining Social Media Data

1710-1715 P.Uma , Lavanya.V, Evangelin Blessy.T, Blessy.K

Authentication Handover and Privacy Protection in 5G HETNETS Using Software Defined Networking

1716-1720 P. Uma, S.Gowtham, P.Sangavi, N.Santhiyabharathi

Finding Malicious Web Page in Mobile

1721-1725 V.Vennila, G.SivaSelvan, M.S.Santhiya, G.Soundarya, I.Umamaheswari, M.Vaijayanthi

Data security using device Identification in Cloud Platforms by API

1726-1735 Praveen kumar A, Arjunan K, Pavithra M, Usharani M, Vimal R.Y, Vanathi D, Satheeshkumar S

An Efficient path planning for Emergency Navigation with Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks


Location Aware Query Reorganisation using KNN

1743-1747 P.Suganthi, Malarvizhi, Anusuyya. S, Deepika. A, Malarvizhi. C

Human Computer Interaction for Visually impaired People

1748-1752 R.Deepan , S.Ramya , S.Praveen Raj , V.Manimaran

Dual-server public-key encryption with keyword search for secure cloud storage

1753-1757 Sukumar P, Sharmila M, Swathi G, Ranjani C, Nandhini G


1758-1762 S.Venkatesan, M.Dhileep Kumar, M.Sathish Kumar, .S.Prabhu

Enhanced Selective Encryption Method for Big Data Sensing Stream Using Hash Chain Algorithm

1763-1771 Savitha S, Logeswaran K, Abinaya N, Dhinakaran R, Mahalakshmi S, Dharamesh B

Online Texture Management for Fabric Products

1772-1775 S. Maheswari, Gowtham.S, Krishnendhu.K, Urmila Raj

Mitigating Security Challenges for Insider Attacker on Fog Devices

1776-1782 Sam Immanuvel.P, Shankara Perumal.A, Shiddharth.C, Parvathi.M

On The Security Of Data Access Control For Multi Authority Cloud Storage Systems

1783-1789 Nivodhini M K, Vasuk.P, Kiruthika K, Lokesh P N, Sangeetha C, Suriya Kumar S

An Intelligent Smartphone Based Approach using IOT for Ensuring Safe Driving

1790-1793 J.Santhosh, V.Sharmila, S.Dhivya, B.Aravind Selvam, M.Prem Kumar, V.Ragavi

Monitor Soil Moisture and Controlling Motors Using IoT

1794-1798 Sharmila V, Santhosh J, Meena S, Nikitha N, Pramoth P, Prasanth S

Multimodel Document Summarization K-SVM Algorithm

1799-1803 P. Agalya, T. E. Ramya, R. Vishnu raaj, P. Manimaran

Dengue Disease Prediction Using SMO Classification

1804-1808 M. Preetha, P. Santhosh, R. Saran kumaR, K. Poongodi

Security Ensured Data Gathering and Decision Support Framework for Remote Health Services

1809-1815 T. Revanth, K. Manimekalai, S. Ananda vignesh, P. Sathishkumar

Spatio temporal and aspect features based sentiment analysis on customer reviews


Discovering Optimal Services with Multi Criteria based Analysis on Social Network Reviews

1821-1825 K. Santhosh Kumar , G. Suganraj, V. Sumithra, R. Mekala

An Integrated Resource and Service Consolidation Approach using History Logs under Cloud Environment

1826-1830 R. Vijayendren, J. Thanuja, P. Sathishkumar, S. Santhosh Kumar, S. Vadivel

Attack Resistant Distributed Scheduling and Virtual Machine Management Framework for Clouds

1831-1835 V. Sampath Kumar, S. Vismeya, M. Vivek, P. Kanmani

Public Service System

1836-1837 Saranyadevi.J, Shalinidevi.R, Sowmiya.R, Suganya.T, Vanitha.P

A Scalable Approach for Data-Driven Taxi Ride Sharing

1838-1844 R.Kavitha, B.Keerthana, N. Gokulpriya, R. Aravinthrajan

A Hierarchical OLSR Social Norm Incentives for Network Coding In MANETS

1845-1852 Nancy P, Abirami D, Kiruthika N, C. Dharanya

Velocity based Tracking and Localization System using Smartphones with GPS and GPRS/3G


Human Body Communication Using IoT with GSM Enabled Healthcare Monitoring System

1858-1864 D.Vanathi, K.Vignesh, S.Kavin, S.Ranjith, S.Mathan

Smart Agriculture Based on Internet of Things (IoT)

1865-1868 A.Chandrasekar, B.Manoj Kumar, T.Maruthi Kasi Shashank

Applying Data Mining Techniques in Cyber Crimes

1869-1872 G .Sivaselvan, V.Vennila, R.Senbagavalli, E.Shanmugapriya, K.Umadevi, S.Suganthi

Detecting Accident and Parking Area

1873-1877 C.Selvi, K.Mythili, T.Vaishnavi, S.SadhamHussain

Microarray using Advanced Regression for Fixing Lost Data


Emerging Twitter Using Text Classification Based on Live Streaming

1882-1886 K.Mohana Priya, R.Bavithra, M.Kanimozhi, V.Meenatchi, D.Janani

Multi Constrained Virtual Machine Allocation for Cloud Services

1887-1891 Lisha M, Bhavya K Bharathan

Distributed Pattern Discovery using Load Management with Resource and Data Constraints under Clouds

1892-1898 Ninumol C.P, Bhavya K Bharathan

Cloud Resource based Data Origin Detection with Security Features

1899-1904 Remya M. K, Nikhila A

Content Aware User Data Sharing and Anonymous Authentication on Public Cloud

1905-1907 Saranyaa T, Sangeetha S, Vivek. M, E. Mohanraj

Dimensionality Reduction and Data Partitioning with Feature Hybridization Scheme

1908-1912 M.S. Vinu

Mobile Multi-source High Quality Multimedia Delivery Scheme

1913-1919 V.Abishek, N.Ramya, C.Satheeshkumar, V.Vijayragavan, S. Sivaprakash, M. Umamaheswari

A Prospective Study on Distributed Accountability and Trusted Data Sharing in Cloud Computing

1939-1946 G.S.Suriyakumar , K.Manoj kumar, J.Muruganth , E.Sivaraman

Deep-cascade: Cascading 3D Deep Neural Networks for Fast Anomaly Detection and Localization in Crowded Scenes

1947-1954 Y.Dhushara, P.Kaviranjani, S.S.Kovarrthina, V.Gokul brindha

Earthquake Prediction System by LSTM


Robust and Low Rank Representation for Fast Face Identification with Occlusions


Secure data deduplication of documents in cloud environment

1966-1969 Priyanga.R, Monalisa.A , Mythili.G, Praveen.C

Analysis of instagrammer’s attitude through enhanced SVM

1970-1976 S.Anbukkarasi, A.Gayathri, A.Manikandan, J.Prathiba

Secure enabled region based data sharing in manet

1977-1980 Guhan.E, Indhu.S , Vanitha.M, Kavitha.M

A Study on Virtualization and SOA Techniques in Cloud Computing

1981-1984 R.Nalinraja, S.Ravikumar, K.Sugan, K.S.Giriprasath

Efficient Steganography in Encoded Video Streams Using Motion Vector Difference

1985-1989 M.Shankar, M.Usha, M.Ranjitha

Efficient Steganography in Encoded Video Streams Using Motion Vector Difference

1990-1995 M.Shankar, M.Usha, M.Ranjitha

Enhanced Efficient High Average Utility Pattern Mining For Shopping Package

1996-1999 D.Lavanya, A.Pavithra, M.Abinaya, M.Nandhini, J.Sakunthala

Bus identification system using RFID

2000-2002 D.Harinipriya, M.Muniswari, R.Prathisha, R.Hemavathi, M.Anto Bennet

An arduino based embedded system in car for road safety

2003-2006 D.Haritha , K.Mahalakshmi, S.Vishalni, S.Kavya, M.Anto Bennet

Season based traffic light using audrino

2007-2008 T.Suriya, S.Purushoth, R.Jawahar, K.Rajesh Kumar, Ahamed Meeran Mydeen

Glucose level monitoring system using GSM

2009-2011 S.Nawin Chander , M.J.Lokesh , P.Joshuva Steve Allen, B.Vijay, Ahamed Meeran Mydeen

Data transfer using lifi technology

2012-2016 B.Pavithra, P.Karthika, V.Rajeswari, E.Aarthi, M.Anto Bennet

Power Transmission Line Fissure Accident Control Using Arduino

2017-2019 M.Thangavel , V.Manikandan, k.Dinakaran , B.Saikirani, Ahamed Meeran Mydeen

Digital Drip Monitoring Alarm

2020-2023 S.Yacoop Rahman, V.Sathish Kumar, J.Albert Santhosh Raj, V.Shanmuga Priyan, M.Anto Bennet


2024-2026 S.B.Yuvaraj , R.Androse, S.Yuvaraj, E.Karthikeyan, A.Ahamed Meeran Mydeen

Study of UPFC and DPFC to less harmonic distortion


Voltage Stability Enhancement and Efficiency Improvement of Transmission System Using Unified Power Flow Controller

2030-2033 S.Natarajan, P.Neeraj, A.R.G.Gagan Raj, P.Dharma Vignesh, A.Kishor

Design of Dual Axis Solar Tracking System

2034-2036 R.RajKamal, Syed Abuthahir, G.Prakash , S.Dilip Kumar , A.Ahamed Meeran Mydeen

Implementation of Security Lock using RFTAG using Arduino

2037-2038 K.Aishwarya, L.K.Divya, J.Lavanya, Keerthana, S.Sankaranarayanan

Design of An Automatic Fan Speed Controlling System Using Arduino UNO

2039-2042 M.Kumaran, I.Vikram, S.Kishore Kumar, R.Rajesh Kumar , S.Lokesh

Alcohol Detection Sensor of Smart Helmet

2043-2046 R.Aishwarya, M.Kowsalya, S.Elamathy, A.Ahamed Meeran Mydeen

Design and development of Standalone Water Solid Waste Filter-Project Kumbhakaran

2047-2049 J.Kishan, Sanjeet Kumar, B.Vasantha Kumar, S.Lokesh

Power System Operation and Control Using Facts Devices

2050-2054 S.Nataraja, G.Nishant, T.Ananth Raj, A.Venkatesh, M.Prabhu

Optimal parameter setting of UPFC and real power generation using Cuckoo Search Algorithm

2055-2058 S.Natarajan, R.Praveen Kumar, Saravanan, A.Dinesh kumar, T.Dinesh

Authentication System using Master Finger Print

2059-2061 Ashok Prabhu M, Aswin M, Devisri C S, Janani S.R

Identifying the Shortest Path during Data Transmission in Networks Using OSPF Protocol

2062-2068 Karthikeyan.R, Madhusudhanan.M, Precila.A, Kavitha M

Huddle based on web server

2072-2075 K.Keerthika , A.Partheeban , S.Mathivathani , S.Sangeetha

Mature sustain in mobile application

2076-2081 Balavenkatasatyeswararao.P , Aravinth.M.D, Vaishnavi.S

Dormant Semantic Minimal Hashing For Image Recovery

2082-2085 Elsi.M , S.Harivaran , Kalai vani.A

A novel battery and super capacitor using IoT to interface renewable energy sources with dual direction and its application

2090-2098 .S.Sankarananth, K.Karthiga, R.Nandhini, A.Manju

Speed synchronisation of multimotor drive via profibus

2099-2103 A.Satheesh, P. Abinaya, A.J.Ajitha, N.Komaladevi, Nandhini

Automatic Broke Feeding System for the Finishing House Pulper in Paper Machine

2104-2107 V. Ravichandran, Aravinth S.A.S , Dinesh M , Midhun Johny, Mohanasundaram K.S

Automatic ream handling system for as/rs (automatic storage and retreival system) In paper machine 3

2108-2117 Bhuvaneshwaran S, Janarthanan K, Karthik S, Kumaresh R, R.Vijayalaksmi

Industrial powerload scheduler via iot and updater


Multilevel Inverter Topology for Renewable Energy Grid Integration

2122-2126 Prabu.M, Deepika.L, Kaviya.S, Palkumarathi.S, Sindhu.P

Portable solar lighting system

2127-2133 C.Pratheeba, K.Karthick, K.S.Rajesh Kumar, K.Rajkumar, S.Vivek

Smart IOT Technology for Machine Condition Monitoring

2134-2138 Elango S , Durgaganeshmoorthi P, Jeeva E , Jeeva N.R , Jeganprakash N

Thermal power plant status monitoring using GPRS

2139-2141 P. Krishna Gandh, M. Naveen, A. Praveen Kumar, K. Kings, Shine Ebison

Digital Relay Protection of Generator Transformer in Thermal Power Station Using Microcontroller

2142-2145 S.Elango , Dhinesh E, Santhosh kumar K, Sethupathi S, Vivek S

Hybrid power management in paper mill

2146-2148 K.Sathyasree , Johnclinton.C, Manikandan.M, Manikandan.S, Mohanraj.R

Effluent Treatment Plant

2149-2152 S.Menakamba, Divakaran K, Haripraveen N, Jagatheesh P, Kanthavel S

Line fault detection and load sharing using IOT

2153-2158 Ramraj.B, Pushpalatha.V, Rajalakshmi.N, Sobika.S, Swedha K.

Energy monitoring, controlling and common power distribution by using iot and microcontroller

2159-2164 G.Jayasheela, M.Loganath, T.Azhaguraja, B.Prasanth

Novel UPFC-based line overload control using Honeybee Algorithm

2165-2168 R.Gobu, K.Aravind, S.Karthi, V.Agilandeeshwar, G.Gayathri

Smart generator monitoring and control system in industry using microcontroller and GSM

2169-2173 B.Ramraj , R.Ranjithkumar , D.Sharon, S.Thamaraikannan , S.V.Tharani raja

Power Quality Improvement Using Direct Converter For An AC Load

2174-2178 V. Arun Kumar, Gowtham S, Bragathishwaran P, Sathishkumar R, Sathrapathi R

Solar panel based smart hybrid vehicle control system design and implementation

2179-2185 C.Gokul, D.Rajkumar, M.Chitra, P.Rajasekaran

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2186-2191 Ramani.G, Guna.G, Karthi.R, Karthik Raja.K, Kamesh.D

Raspberry PI GUI kernel remote authentication multitasking & embedded web control

2192-2198 B.Guga Priya, B. PRABHAKARAN

High Gain Step-Up PWM DC-DC Converter with CoupledInductor and Fly back Network

2199-2206 R.Chanrdu , S.Gowtham , K,Umadevi, M.Dineshkumar , M.Naveen kumar

Security system using PIR sensor, Arduino along with android application

2207-2211 N. Hemala, D.Priyanka , N.Kanchanadevi, B.Arjanadevi, L.Dharshini

Comprehensive analysis of PV battery charging system with sepic boost converter

2212-2216 Vishnu.A, Dhivyaprabha.V, Abirami.A, Priyadharsini.V, Surya.M

Automatic billing trolley in mega mall

2217-2224 J.Tryphena, G.Ramani

Data acqusition system for testing of vertical axis wind turbine

2225-2228 R.Ramprakash, R.Nisha , M.Nandhini , V.Tamizhselvan , P.Senthilkumar

Braille language converter for visually impaired people

2229-2232 A.Mathivani , R.Karthika , K.Manimekalai , P.Rajesh Kumar , M.ANANDA KUMAR

Design and implementation of RTC for Textile Automation

2233-2237 M.Prabu, V.Arunesh, N.Thirumoorthi, I.Yabesh, K.Yuvaraj

Automatic irrigation system based on solar power

2238-2244 T.jayakumar, Balaji .B.P, Sathishkumar .M, Thamaraiselvan.C

Multiple transformer parameter protection and monitoring using microcontroller

2245-2253 M. Priya Rani , C.Radhika , P. Vallimayil , J. Vennila

The early diagnosis of alzheimer’s disease using deep learning

1064-1072 P.Sounthariya, A.Tamilarasi

Evaluation of mechanical properties in banana tree fiber reinforced composite

1445-1450 Ade Nithin, K. Hariskrishna, M. Mahendar, M. Prashant, Mallesh Jakanur, Rohan

Design and development of solar hydroponics system

1663-1668 M.Aruna, K.Ishwarya, A.Kalaiselvi, S.Sivasankari, M.G.Anand

Optimisation of mechanical properties of different printing mode in 3D printing

2400-2406 V.N.Loganathan, S.Arunkumar, J.Arun Prakas, M.Balasagayaeswaran, N.Hariharan

Design and fabrication of helmet using 3D printing technology to increase the heat transfer

2407-2414 Aravind.S, Sivasankar. P, Sozhapandiyan., R.Vinoth

Beeline for making flexible pavement by using discarded plastic and quartz stone powder

2415-2421 S.Elango M.E, K.Dineshkumar, V.Gowtham, M.Gowthami , R.Hariharan

Secured online voting system using face detection

2422-2425 Manjula J

Secure cloud data storage as a service with minimum cost in cloud environment

2426-2431 S. Menaka, N.Radha

Data sharing mechanism in mobile cloud environment

2432-2438 K.V.Priyadharshini, R.B.Ramesh

Local flow packet marking for network coding in manets

2439-2444 P. Vasanthakumar, Umamaheswari A

BPEL based rule generator design and verification of secure service

2445-2457 Jeena. A.J, R.Vijaya Rajeswari

Using smart city data in 5G network

2458-2470 C.Hariram

A Non Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Zero Voltage Switching with Magnetic Coupling

2471-2475 Priyanka D, , Hema P

Design and Implementation of High Efficiency Asymmetric ForwardFlyback Converter

2476-2479 Sathya Shree.K, Ayyappan.S

Experiment study of paver block using foundry waste sand

2480-2485 R. Shree Vidhy, S. Nandhini Devi

Experimental study of GGBS-geopolymer concrete on strength and durability

2496-2508 Bommena Karthik Chary, Palli Praveen Kumar