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This agriculture project is proposed to improve the technologies in agriculture with ego-green manner. Here we focused about environment, zero fuel, cost effective. It is basically an embedded tool for ploughing, seed sowing, mud leveller and pesticides sprayer. In traditional agriculture system ploughing machines are heavy fuel based which may results in air pollution and it produces greenhouse gases like co2. It also purpose a simple operation mechanism for high efficiency. The entire agriculture system is controlled by mobile using RF communication. RF technology used for controlling multiple operations simultaneously. It can covers distance 20m. The multipurpose agriculture equipment is very simple to use and the various adjustments are made with ease.

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Priyanka P, Santhiya R, Gopinath G, Vijay M, & Baskaran D. (2021). Smart tools for modern agriculture using embedded system. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(2), 334–338. Retrieved from