Published: May 20, 2021

A study on satisfaction of customer towards life insurance with reference to erode

136-140 Dr.V. Manimegalai, P. Arulmurugan, P. Arulmurugan, P. Arulmurugan

A comparative study on traditional shopping and digital shopping with special reference to Erode

141-145 K.Nathiya, M.Balajee

A study on financial statement analysis of forest industries of Travancore Ltd (F.I.T), aluva Kerala

146-152 Mr. L. Jothi Basu, Jishnu S Nair

A study on effectiveness of health and safety measures towards employees with special reference to Ahill apparel export private limited

153-157 N. Devaraj, S. Karthik

A study on job satisfaction of employees with reference to Nani agro foods private limited – Chennimalai

158-163 Dr.V. Manimegalai, N. Kaviyarasu

An study on work life balance of with special reference to S.D.K milk trading, Erode

164-168 Dr.V. Manimegalai, S.Krishnaraj

A study on consumer behaviour towards usage of modern shopping techniques of householdproducts with special reference to olapplayam

169-173 J. Tamilarasu, S. Maheshwaran

A study on customer preference and satisfaction level towards bull machines Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore

174-178 Dr.V.Manimegalai, S. Mohana Devi

A study on job stress among transport employees with reference to Coimbatore

179-183 Muthu Kumar. M

A study on employee time management with special reference to bionics Enviro tech., Perundurai

184-187 N. Devaraj, S. Muthuraja

Twitter data stream analysis for self destructive related posts using data mining

188-197 A.Inbavalli, R.Shenbagavalli

A study on training and development of employees in G-PLAST Pvt Ltd., with special reference to Coimbatore

198-202 Dr.V. Manimegalai, A. Nandhini

A study on customer satisfaction towards Hatsun Agro product with special reference to Erode

203-208 Naveen Kumar S

A study on the work stress among employee and its impact on performance with reference to Aguaclan private limited, Coimbatore

209-215 K.Nathiya, PA. Pavithrarakhavi

A study on employees absenteeism with special reference to shiny knitwear private limited, Tirupur

216-222 N. Devaraj, A. Priyanka

A study on analysis of market share of sharp photocopier with special reference to Tirupur District

223-227 K. Rajeshkumar, J. Tamilarasu

A study on stress management in sakthi gear products with special reference to Coimbatore

228-232 Mr. N. Thamilchelvam, S. Ranjitha

A study on employee absenteeism with reference to Seshasayee paper and boards Ltd, Erode

233-239 K.Nathiya, B.Santhiya

A study on customer satisfaction towards R.S dairy farm with reference R.S dairy Uthukuli Tirupur district

240-244 Mr.L.Jothibasu, Sivanandhan.S

A study on perception of customers towards selection of beauty parlour services in Coimbatore

245-249 N.Thamilchelvam, S. Vanjimuthu

Experimental analysis of alcohol detection with engine locking system

250-255 A.Madhankumar, H.Dinesh, S.Prince Samuel, J.Santhosh Kumar, M.Vignesh

Zigbee based wireless boiler parameters control using GSM technology

256-261 R.Priyanka, S.Ramya, A.Suresh, R.Meyananth, Mr.G.Pradeepkumar

Perspective indication and smart penalty system for road transportation

262-265 Dr. J. Sharmilee, J. Adlenepriyatharisini, R. Divya, T. Mohan Raj, K. Vishakan

IoT based dipstick type engine oil level and impurities systems: portable online spectrophotometer

266-274 Dhanalakshmi R, Reikha C

Study on strength properties of steel slag in concrete

275-279 Selvi.K, Ravindaran.M

Experimental study on structural behaviour of reinforced palm kernel shell concrete beams

280-284 S.K.Gowtham, T.Ramar

Behaviour of mineral admixture on strength and durability of concrete

285-290 N.G. Vinod Kumar, K. Selvi, Dr. M. J. Gopinathan

An experimental study on strength and durability properties of concrete by partial replacement of steel slag with fine aggregate and glass powder with cement

291-296 Vishnuprasad.K, Karthika .P

IMBL safety system for fisherman using IoT

297-302 Mr. N. Manikandaprabhu, T.Gokul, R.Jagan, M.Karthick, M.Kirubakaran

Deep scan based potential virus detection using legitimate signature for securing systems

303-309 Imran Khan M, Ramesh S

Experimental study on mechanical behaviour of concrete with partial replacement of coarse aggregate by demolished concrete waste

310-317 Kaviya.K, Muthukumar.K

Determination of MRR and surface roughness of aluminium alloy 8011 using abrasive water-jet machining

318-321 S.P.Ramachandran, K.Muthukumar

An efficient approach of mechanical pump sealing filter system using PIC PLC

322-327 T G Dhaarani, M Gokul, S Harshini, S Pavithra

Dual-polarized embroidered textile armband antenna array with directional radiation for on and off-body applications

328-333 R.Palanisamy, P.Pragadeesh, K.A.Subash Raj, K.R.Yuvasree, R.Murugasamy

Smart tools for modern agriculture using embedded system

334-338 Priyanka P, Santhiya R, Gopinath G, Vijay M, Baskaran D

Review paper on recent advances in carbon nanomaterials as electrochemical biosensors

339-362 R.Nagaraju, M.Ramesh Kumar, V.S Vani, Dr. S. Venkateswara Rao

Critical review on storage of solar energy in the rechargeable batteries

363-382 R.Nagaraju, Dr. S. Venkateswara Rao


383-393 R.Nagaraju, M.Ramesh Kumar, V.S Vani, Dr. S. Venkateswara Rao