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Rotor blades of helicopters have to possess stiffness and strength that keep structural stresses with in functional limits. The aero dynamic and structural loads developed by the rotation of blades fluctuate through the rotational cycles. And vibration frequencies effecting on blades including environmental effects consideration, in this project find the structural stresses of blades and vibrational frequencies, this analysing using the ansys software. Analysis using the Kevlar 49, carbon epoxy and advanced composite carbon fibber materials because of this material are light weight and high strength, good resistance materials. Design with the help of catia v5 software.

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N Narasimulu, Pedamuthevi Vijayanand, & S.Jaya Krishna. (2018). Natural frequency analysis of helicopter rotor blades . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 6(4), 2598–2605. Retrieved from