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In the modern day communication, antenna's plays a vital role to transfer and receive information from one place to another place. In this project, a dual-polarized embroidered textile antenna array with directional radiation pattern is proposed for both on and off-body wearable application, to obtain high gain in unique direction. The existing work was an omni-directional radiation antenna array and which consists of more than two antennas to transfer and receive the information, cause the reduction in the gain. In the proposed system, the antenna array designed around the cylinder with the radius lesser than 23mm, at an operating frequency of 5.8GHz. The size of the planned microstrip antenna is 18.5mm (L), 2mm(B), 19mm(H) and the cylinder dimensions are 240mm(H), 40mm(Dia). The performance of the proposed antenna is analysed by using bandwidth, directivity and reflection coefficient using HFSS software.

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R.Palanisamy, P.Pragadeesh, K.A.Subash Raj, K.R.Yuvasree, & R.Murugasamy. (2021). Dual-polarized embroidered textile armband antenna array with directional radiation for on and off-body applications. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(2), 328–333. Retrieved from