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Water could be an important resource for the chemical, paper, steel and oil purification industries. Usually, industries use a huge quantity of water to flush the impurities and to cool down the product because the industries area unit in want of water for multiple functions, they have an inclination to utilize water by a mechanism known as Filtering within the existing standard filters, the filter components area unit cleansed manually once it gets clogged, resulting in additional workforce and old. In Automatic back-wash filtering system, once filter components get clogged, a pressure distinction is made between water and outlet valve this can be perceived by a differential pressure sensing element connected to the Programmable Logic Controller that initiates the backwash cycle that mechanically cleans the filter components. Associate in nursing alarm and Human Machine Interface show are provided for the aim of continuous watching and troubleshooting. The projected Automatic back-wash filtering system is additional economical and overcomes the constraints of standard filters.

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T G Dhaarani, M Gokul, S Harshini, & S Pavithra. (2021). An efficient approach of mechanical pump sealing filter system using PIC PLC. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(2), 322–327. Retrieved from