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This undertaking depicts the structure and improvement of an IoT based oil polluting influences, level observing instrument and its operational approach. The exploration work utilizes a special methodology with altered white LED spectrophotometry. The created instrument has done subjective and quantitative appraisal of oil in IC motor's sump. This thus is useful in doing definitive undertaking towards keeping up Engine life cycle and carbon impression. Light-needy sensor with affectability <90% and extend 500-600nm is utilized as an indicator for experimentation on four stroke IC Engine. The framework has focal points of moderateness and versatile structure

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Dhanalakshmi R, & Reikha C. (2021). IoT based dipstick type engine oil level and impurities systems: portable online spectrophotometer. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(2), 266–274. Retrieved from