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Now-day’s accident due to alcoholic drink consumed by car drivers has increasing and drivers are often not found by police. So in this project we designed a system using a MQ3 alcohol sensor that will stop the engine of the vehicle if it detects the alcohol consume by the driver. In this project, the alcohol is detected and the engine is locked by using an arduino with alcohol sensor along with LCD display and a engine. The alcohol sensor monitors blood alcohol content to detect the liquor. By placing the sensor on the steering wheel, our project has the capacity to continuously check alcohol level from the drivers breathe. The ignition will fail to start if the sensor detects content of alcohol in the drivers breathe and the engine could not accelerate any further.

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A.Madhankumar, H.Dinesh, S.Prince Samuel, J.Santhosh Kumar, & M.Vignesh. (2021). Experimental analysis of alcohol detection with engine locking system. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(2), 250–255. Retrieved from