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This era of business is marked with a high degree of dynamism. Due to technical development, the concept of competitive advantage is avoiding day by day. Spending at the tick of a mouse is ahead popularity Now-a-days. Most of the people select to purchase the goods online. India Ranks 3rd after China in relationships of increasing online shopping fashion. This increasing trend made us interested to study on the topic. Main purpose of our study is to know what the factors are which influences consumers to online shopping, what are the flaws in traditional way of shopping due to which consumers prefer online shopping and also to discuss the nature of online shopping, what all difficulties it is facing and what actions can be taken to resolve them so that it can become a great success.

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K.Nathiya, & M.Balajee. (2021). A comparative study on traditional shopping and digital shopping with special reference to Erode. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 8(2), 141–145. Retrieved from