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In India energy demand is the major thread for the people. Finding of solution for reducing energy demand is great challenge for scientists. Now a days pesticide sprayer is based on fuel engine and hand operated sprayer. In agriculture, pesticides spraying is the important for protect the crops from the insects. Mostly farmers can use hand operated and fuel operated spray pump system for spraying pesticides. Now-a-days non- conventional energy plays a major role for all the developing activities. The proposed sprayer is design considering parameters like desired spraying efficiency, low weight, low cost, user friendly nature, high operating time and for faster coverage of area. In our project, we are going to use the cheapest method by trapping the solar energy. the trapped solar energy is used to charge the battery for pumping the particular items to the agriculture field.

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K. Pradeepkumar, S. Akilan, M. Gobinath, D. Gowtham, & M. Guruprasath. (2021). Design and fabrication of portable solar operated chemical sprayer. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 2684–2688. Retrieved from