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To enchange the heat transfer rate from helmet to surrounding using pin fin as the air cooling system. In this paper we mainly in the top portion of the helmet. Here we arrange the pin fins to transfer the heat from inside to surroundings for convert the helmet as the human comfort. So we consider this as system. The air flow into the system with low temperature and leaves with the high temperature by absorbing the heat from the pin fins which are directly contact with top portion of the helmet. The design of pin fin helmet was simulated using the finite element software ANSYS as well as experimentally tested for the cooling purpose. Experiments are conducted on the prototype to analyze the performance of the cooling system.

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M. Shanmugam, K. Shanmugasundaram, P. Sukumar, M. Vignesh, & G. Vineethkumar. (2021). Design, analysis and fabrication of motorcycle helmet to enchange the rate of heat transfer using pin fins to make the helmet as human comfort. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 2640–2645. Retrieved from