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Magnetically Impelled Arc Butt Welding (MIAB) is a process of hybrid solid-state welding. It suites only for butt joining hollow cylindrical sections such as pipes and tubes. The MIAB welding equipment is robust and it is relatively simple in design, and requires low upset pressures compared to processes like Friction welding. In this process the rotating electric arc is used for heating the extremes of two tubes, which is impelled due to the electromagnetic force created by the interaction of arc current and magnetic field has been generated by external magnetic system. This paper presents the attempts made to design and develop a laboratory MIAB welding module operated hydraulically to realize the principle of the process. Trials are conducted with alloy steel tubes (44.5mmdiameter and 5.5mm, 4.5mm and 3.5mm thickness) by varying the various input parameters and subsequently recording the observations. The experimental procedure involves a series of trials to develop and evaluate the knowledge base for MIAB welding alloy steel tubes. Based on the penetration and bead of the weld the appropriate ranges of various input process parameters identified are presented.

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S. Eswaran, R. S. Madhan Mohan, S. Naveen Prasad, G. Peruncheraladhan, & G. Poovarasan. (2021). Analysis of Welding Parameters of MIAB Welding for T91 Material. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 2605–2609. Retrieved from