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These brakes designed by controlling for equipment, automobiles and movers are suitable for AC&DC power supplies up to 12v to 220v and are suitable for wide range of drum sizes 10 to 380mm diameter these brakes are suitable with a rated torque range from 100kg-cm for the smallest brake upto 2000kg-cm for a 380mm dia at 50% coil rating, the coil remains in circuit for a maximum 5min out of every 10min.Since these brakes are closed position, the release of brake shoes is affected by energizing the electromagnetic coil which over comes the spring force and shoes are moved clear of drum by lever system so that the drum is free to rotat e without any friction. when the power given to the electromagnetic coil the coil gets energized and in turns the plunger pulls down. The plunger in turn operates the arm of the brake and the brake opens. When specied brake drums both pin bush type and flexible geared type can be supplied along with the brakes.

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M. Sampathkumar, A. Sakthivel, P. Tharun Prasad, S. Vinothkumar, & R. Vinothkumar. (2021). Design and fabrication of electromagnetic braking system for four wheeler. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 2583–2588. Retrieved from