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In present years, natural fiber composite material locate a major role in industries like aerospace and automobile. The natural fiber is amplified by hook up with plastics. The ample availability of natural fibers are coir, Aloevera, Palm fiber ramie, sisal, jute, banana, bagasse etc. Common matrix materials are epoxy, phenolic, polyester, polyurethane vinyl ester etc. The composites formed by fibers gained attention due to their low cost, light weight, renewability, low density, high specific strength, non abrassivity, non toxicity and biodegradability etc. In this project, we discuss the Composite material leaf spring by using aloevera with Epoxy resin. Fabrication is carried out by hand lay-up technique and to evaluate the Mechanical properties of leaf spring (Tensile strength, Hardness, Impact Examination). Aim of this project is to reduce the production cost of conventional leaf springs and also improve the efficiency of the springs and of the cars.

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Mohamed Ajmal Mahasin. M, Kesava Moorthy. R, Logesh. M, Mathankumar. R, & Poornachandran. T. (2021). Design and analysis of leaf spring by using composite materials for light weight vehicles. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 2557–2562. Retrieved from