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In our country the sugarcane usage is very high, so the most of farmer planting the sugarcane in their land. In 2017 India planting the sugarcane in 4.7 million hectares (MH) and 330 million metric tons (MMT) of sugarcane produced. Normally the Sugarcane planting is a very labor intensive job and involves considerable human power. Cost of sugarcane planting is very high, example the sugarcane is plant in one Acer they need to spend almost 10hrs also they gives   3000RS labour cost   for planting   .The cost of sugarcane planting   by mechanized method is less compared to traditional methods. We design roller with hopper and piling equipment for planting the sugarcane to the soil also we provide a land wheel, the speed of land wheel is automatically adjusted with tractor speed while planting. When we use the machine for planting the sugarcane it plant a large amount of sugarcane in minimum time or short period, and also the investment cost is less for planting. So we can design the fabricate the machine for planting the sugarcane.

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D. Latha, C. S. Naveen, V. Naveenkumar, & C. Sangeethkumar. (2021). Design and fabrication of sugarcane planting machine. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 2551–2556. Retrieved from