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Cloud storage provides a convenient, massive, and ascendible storage at low price, however information privacy could be a major concern that forestalls users from storing files on the cloud trustfully. A way of enhancing privacy from information owner purpose of read is to encode the files before outsourcing them onto the cloud and decode the files when downloading them. However, encoding could be a serious overhead for the mobile devices, and information retrieval method incurs an advanced communication between the information user and cloud. Commonly with restricted information measure capability and restricted battery life, these problems introduce serious overhead to computing and communication also as the next power consumption for mobile device users that makes the encrypted search over mobile cloud terribly difficult. In TEES while searching information requires more bandwidth and batter life will be low. In this paper, we tend to propose traffic and energy saving encrypted search, an information measure and energy economical encrypted search design over mobile cloud. The projected design offloads the computation from mobile devices to the cloud, and that we more optimize the communication between the mobile shoppers and also the cloud. It's incontestable that the information privacy doesn’t degrade once the performance improvement ways area unit applied. Our experiments show that’s STAMP reduces the computation time by 23 to 46% and save energy consumption by 35 to 55% per file retrieval; in the meantime the network traffics throughout the file retrievals are considerably reduced.

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V.Manimaran, M.Pavithra, P.Sanmati, S.Savitha, & P.VasanthaRohini. (2021). Stamp enabled energy efficient search scheme over encrypted cloud data. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 2457–2468. Retrieved from