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Voice controlled robotic system is extremely useful in areas wherever there's high risk for humans to enter. Voice controlled robotic system is controlled through voice commands received via mechanical man device. the mixing of management unit with Bluetooth device is achieved employing a Bluetooth module to capture and skim the voice commands. The robotic vehicle operates as per the command received via mechanical man device, for this Adriano is integrated within the system. The dominant device is also associate good phone having an mechanical man OS. The transmitter uses associate mechanical man application needed for transmission the information. The receiver finish reads these commands and interprets them into dominant the robotic vehicle. The mechanical man device sends commands to maneuver the vehicle in forward, backward, right and left directions. Once receiving the commands, Adriano operates the motors so as to maneuver the vehicle in four directions. The communication between mechanical man device and receiver is shipped as serial communication information. Adriano program is meant to maneuver the motor through a motor driver circuit as per the commands sent by mechanical man device. The wireless camera is interfaced with Adriano to record forward movement of the robotic system that conjointly includes wireless vision camera which can not solely enable viewing no matter are recorded in day time however conjointly throughout night. A robotic arm is mounted at the front of the system to form changes within the surroundings at the side of a digital display screen to look at the received commands. Associate obstacle detector is adscititious to guard the system from obstacles on the approach by victimization associate inaudible detector.

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