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The prevalence of social networks has created it easier than ever for users to share their photos, videos and different media content with anybody from anyplace. However, the straight forward access of user -generated media content additionally brings concerning privacy considerations. Traditional access management mechanisms, wherever one access policy is created for a selected piece of content, cannot satisfy the user privacy needs in large-scale media sharing systems.. On one hand, it conforms to the principle of social networks in info propagation. On the opposite hand, it accords with the varied and sophisticated social relationship among social network users. In this paper, we have a tendency to propose a ascendible media access management (SMAC) system to alter such a configuration in a very secure and economical manner. The projected SMAC system is scepter by the ascendible ciphertext policy attribute-based secret writing (SCP- ABE) algorithmic rule still as a comprehensive key management theme. We provide formal security proof to prove the protection of the projected SMAC system Additionally, we have a tendency to conduct intensive experiments on mobile devices to demonstrate its potency [1 , 2].

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Mrs.Vanitha, S.Mahesawaran, M.Manjula Devi, & P.Manoranjitham. (2021). Scalable access control for privacy-aware media sharing. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 2386–2393. Retrieved from