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In this paper presents the Cloud provider’s toprovide cloud consumers for two provisioning plans are On-Demand plan and Reservation plans. Because it provides users an efficient way to allocate computing resources are dynamically to meet demands. Normally, cost of utilizing computing resources provisioned by on-demand plan is higher than reservation plan. Because reservation plan can provide offer of consumer can reduce the total resource provisioning cost. It can be achieved in uncertainty of consumer’s future demand and provider’s resource prices. To control the cloud resources adaptively based on the Tradeoff Planner (TOF) algorithm. The TOF algorithm is used to multi provisioning stages of long-term plan. The TOF mainly considered in the demand and price uncertainty. The solutions of the TOF algorithm are considered including benders decomposition DAGerministic equivalent formulation and stochastic integer programming. To overcome this problem to apply by the scenario reduction techniques (SRT) to reduce the number of scenarios and successfully minimize total cost of resource provisioning in cloud environments.

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Mrs.S Maheshwari, Pratheeksha K A, Praveen T, & Ranjith K U. (2021). Self protection in cloud resource management. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 2314–2321. Retrieved from