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Agriculture sector being the pillar of the Indian economy deserves security. Security not in terms of resources only but also agricultural products needs security and protection at very beginning stage, like protection from attacks of rodents or insects, in fields or grain stores. Such challenges should also be taken into thought. Security systems which are being used now a days are not smart enough to provide real time warning after sensing the problem. The combination of traditional methodology with latest technologies as Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Networks can lead to agricultural modernization. Keeping this outline in our mind we have designed, tested and analyzed an ’Internet of Things’ based device which is capable of analyzing the sensed information and then transmitting it to the user. This device can be controlled and monitored from remote location and it can be implemented in agricultural fields, grain stores and cold stores for security cause. This paper is oriented to highlight the methods to solve such problems like identification of rodents, threats to crops and delivering real time notification based on information analysis and processing without human intervention.

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G.Sasikala, K.Aishwarya, E.Iswarya, S.Mythili, & A.Lavanya. (2021). Intense protection and tracking devices for agriculture exploitation based on IOT. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 2273–2282. Retrieved from