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Cold-formed steel built-up sections are commonly used as compression elements to carry larger loads and over longer spans when a single individual section is insufficient. Currently there are no proper design rules for Built-up sections. Therefore, this work proposed to conduct an experimental study on the cold- formed steel built-up sections under axial compression, to explore the buckling behavior and ultimate capacity of built-up sections. The built-up sections have been formed by two identical lipped channels placed back to back connected by using batten plates.  The selections of sections are based on the geometric limitations as per the North American Specification for the design (AISI S100 -2007) of cold- formed steel structural member-2007 Edition. The spacing between the battens was calculated as per the modified slenderness ratio in clause D1.2 of the AISI specifications (AISI S100 -2007). The length of the columns has been varied as per the slenderness ratio. The test results such as column strengths and buckling modes are obtained and the test results were compared with the theoretical results obtained as per the North American Specification for the design (AISI S100 -2007) of cold-formed steel structural member- 2007 Edition and the obtained results are validated with the finite element method using ABAQUS.

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S. Gnana Venkatesh, E.Jayanth, & T.Vikneshwar. (2021). Validation of experimental results of cold formed steel built up section with analytical and theoretical analysis. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 1953–1959. Retrieved from