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In this experimental investigation compressive strength and water absorption of paver block were evaluated by replacing portion of cement with the Fly ash by addition of glass fibre. The glass fibre having higher ten sile strength and it can be used for the modern building works. Strength of glass fibre can be arrest by the cracks in the paver blocks. The maximum strength of paver block gives by optimum value 15 % of fly ash. Then 5% to 25% by weight of cement was replaced with the fly ash and admixture 0.4% of glass fibre to be added. Totally 5 mixes were prepared by 0.4% of glass fibre. Replacing cement with the same amount of fly ash can reduce the heat of hydration of concrete. Cost analysis of paver block was done and was compared with conventional paver block.

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M.Yeswanth, M.Tharani, T.Baskar, P.Manikandan, & V.Karthikeyan. (2021). Experimental investigation on paver block with partial replacement of cement by fly ash with addition of glass fibre. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 1892–1897. Retrieved from