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Concrete is most widely used building material in the world, as well as the largest user of natural resources with annual consumption of 12.6 billion tons.The major part of concrete besides the cement is the aggregate . Aggregate include sand and crushed stone / Gravel. Use of these conventional materials in concrete is likely to deplete the resources unless there is a suitable substitute. Rubber which is generated in large quantities as waste does not have useful disposal till now. But rubber is found to possess properties that are required for viable replacement of coarse aggregate in concrete. Hence we in this project have aimed to study the effectiveness of rubber as substitute for coarse aggregate and utilize the crumb rubber tyres in concrete, to minimize global warming. Aggregate properties viz., specific gravity, water absorption, acid resistance were to be conducted to ascertain the properties concrete specimens were to be casted and tested for concrete mix with various percentage of replacement (2.5% , 5% & 10%) and its viability for replacement are discussed in this project.

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Tharanya S, Parthasarathy.S, Sridharan.S, Suriya.C, & Yokash.M. (2021). Experimental study for partial replacement of coarse aggregate with recycled rubber crumb. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 1871–1875. Retrieved from