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The paper deals with Experimental investigation on partially replacement of GGBS and crushed tile in concrete. Due to the day to day innovations and development in construction field, the use of natural aggregates is increased tremendously and at the same time, the production of solid wastes from the demolitions of constructions and industry waste is also quite high. Because of these reasons the reduce of demolished constructional waste like ceramic tile and due to increase in emission of CO2 the usage has to be limited. So that the byproduct of iron industry waste like GGBS are came into the picture to reduce solid waste and to reduce the usage of cement for making concrete. Studies show that about 20 -30% of materials prepared in the manufacturing plants are transforming into wastes. The ceramic waste crushed tiles were partially replaced in place of coarse aggregates by 0%, 10%, 20% and 30%, along with the ceramic coarse tile. M40 grade of concrete was designed and tested. The mix design for different types of mixes were prepared by replacing the coarse aggregates and cement at different percentages of Tile pieces and GGBS. Experimental investigations like workability, compressive strength test, spilt tensile strength test for different concrete mixes with different percentages of waste after 7 and 28 days curing period has done. It has been observed that the workability increases with increase in the percentage of replacement of GGBS increases.

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Mr.S.Gnana VenkateshM.E., J.Logesh moorthi, S.Kumbeshwaran, T.Dinesh, & V.K.Karunakaran. (2021). Experimental investigation on concrete by partially replacing cement by GGBS and coarse aggregate by crushed tiles. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 1863–1870. Retrieved from