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The point of this examination was to assess the execution of high-quality concrete (HSC) containing valuable cementations materials. Concrete had a decent future and is probably not going to get supplanted by some other material by virtue of its simplicity to deliver, interminable fluctuation, consistency, toughness and economy with utilizing of Glass fiber in high quality cement The principle point of the examination program is first to set up the quality of cement of evaluation M40 with locally accessible fixing and afterward to contemplate the impact of various extent of Glass fiber in the blend and to discover ideal scope of Glass fiber content in the blend. The solid examples were tried at various age level for mechanical properti es of cement, specifically, 3D square compressive quality, split elasticity, flexural quality, the toughness of concrete and other test were led for bond, substance admixture, coarse total, and fine total.

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V.M.Gnanasundar, P.S. Ashwin Kumar, & S. Poovasanthan. (2021). Mechanical behaviour of glass fiber reinforced concrete. International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 7(2), 1849–1855. Retrieved from