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Concrete is the widely used construction material in Civil Engineering field. The demand and cost of cement is increasing day to day, so experts are looking for supplementary materials with the main objective of reducing solid waste disposal problem, by using waste as supplementary by maintaining the same properties or by enhancing the properties, by using selected materials. Fly ash which is a solid waste generated from thermal power station is used in partial replacement of cement in various proportions which is environmental friendly and also different fibers are also used to increase tensile strength and reduce cracks in the concrete. Concrete is the most vital material in the modern construction, which has been in practice from olden days but concrete suffers from low tensile strength, limited ductility and little resistance to cracking. To overcome these weaknesses a new variety of concrete is desired. Therefore here fore here is an experimental study proposing changes to the conventional concrete to increase fire resistance, increase cracks resistance, increase ductility and flexural strength by partial replacement of fly ash to the cement and introducing fibers in the preparation of the concrete in the study fly ash in different volume fraction with 0%,0.5%,1%,1.5%,2% replacement of cement have been to study the effect on compressive strength, split tensile strength of concrete and compare it to the conventional concrete, for each mix standard size of cubes, cylinders and as per Indian standar ds were casted and tested for compressive strength ,Split Tensile Strength at age of 7 & 28 days.

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